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Hymns Ancient & Modern Revised (Anglican Hymnal) 251- 300

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Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymns Ancient and Modern is a compilation of Anglican English Hymn. It is known as Hymns Ancient and Modern Revised aka A&M. Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300.

Ancient and modern hymns are 636  hymns and still counting. So, for the sake of convenience and easy navigation, we split it into sections (in 50s).

The Igbo version is known as Ekpere na Abu. We have also compiled Abu Anglican Igbo 1 to 400. See them here:

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

 Hymn A&M 251 Father of mercies, in thy Word

1. Father of mercies, in thy Word
what endless glory shines!
Forever be thy Name adored
for these celestial lines.

2. Here may the blind and hungry come,
and light and food receive;
here shall the lowliest guest have room,
and taste and see and live.

3. Here springs of consolation rise
to cheer the fainting mind,
and thirsting souls receive supplies,
and sweet refreshment find.

4. Here the Redeemer’s welcome voice
spreads heavenly peace around
and life and everlasting joys
attend the blissful sound.

5. O, may these heavenly pages be
my ever dear delight,
and still new beauties may I see,
and still increasing light.

6. Divine Instructor, gracious Lord,
be thou forever near;
teach me to love thy sacred Word,
and view my Savior there.


Hymn A&M 252 The heavens declare thy glory, Lord


1. The heavens declare thy glory, Lord,
in every star thy wisdom shines
but when our eyes behold thy Word,
we read thy Name in fairer lines.

2. Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise
round the whole earth, and never stand:
so when thy truth begun its race,
it touched and glanced on every land.

3. Nor shall thy spreading Gospel rest
till through the world thy truth has run,
till Christ has all the nations blest
that see the light or feel the sun.

4. Great Sun of Righteousness, arise,
bless the dark world with heavenly light;
thy Gospel makes the simple wise,
thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.

5. Thy noblest wonders here we view
in souls renewed and sins forgiven;
Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew,
and make thy word my guide to heaven.


Hymn A&M 253 Lord of our life and God of our salvation

1. Lord of our life and God of our salvation,
Star of our night and hope of every nation,
hear and receive thy church’s supplication,
Lord God Almighty.

2. See round thine ark the hungry billows curling!
See how thy foes their banners are unfurling!
Lord, while their darts envenomed they are hurling,
thou canst preserve us.

3. Lord, thou canst help when earthly armour faileth;
Lord, thou canst save when deadly sin assaileth;
Lord, o’er thy church nor death nor hell prevaileth;
grant us thy peace, Lord.

4. Grant us thy help till foes are backward driven;
grant them thy truth, that they may be forgiven;
grant peace on earth, or after we have striven,
peace in thy heaven.

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 254 The Church of God a kingdom is

1. The Church of God a kingdom is,
where Christ in power doth reign,
where spirits yearn till seen in bliss
their Lord shall come again.

2. Glad companies of saints possess
this Church below, above;
and God’s perpetual calm doth bless
their paradise of love.

3. An altar stands within the shrine
whereon, once sacrificed,
is set, immaculate, divine,
the Lamb of God, the Christ.

4. There rich and poor, from countless lands,
praise Christ on mystic rood;
there nations reach forth holy hands
to take God’s holy food.

5. There pure life-giving streams o’erflow
the sower’s garden ground;
and faith and hope fair blossoms show,
and fruits of love abound.

6. O King, O Christ, this endless grace
to us and all men bring,
to see the vision of thy face
in joy, O Christ, our King.


Hymn A&M 255 The Church’s one foundation
is Jesus Christ her Lord

1. The Church’s one foundation
is Jesus Christ her Lord;
she is his new creation,
by water and the word:
from heaven he came and sought her
to be his holy bride;
with his own blood he bought her,
and for her life he died.

2. Elect from every nation,
yet one o’er all the earth,
her charter of salvation,
one Lord, one faith, one birth;
one holy Name she blesses,
partakes one holy food,
and to one hope she presses,
with every grace endued.

3. Though with a scornful wonder
men see her sore oppressed,
by schisms rent asunder,
by heresies distrest;
yet saints their watch are keeping,
their cry goes up, “How long?”
and soon the night of weeping
shall be the morn of song.

4. Mid toil and tribulation,
and tumult of her war
she waits the consummation
of peace for evermore;
till with the vision glorious
her longing eyes are blest,
and the great Church victorious
shall be the Church at rest.

5. Yet she on earth hath union
with God, the Three in one,
and mystic sweet communion
with those whose rest is won.
O happy ones and holy!
Lord, give us grace that we
like them, the meek and lowly,
on high may dwell with thee.


Hymn A&M 256 Thy hand, O God, has guided
thy flock, from age to age


1. Thy hand, O God, has guided
thy flock, from age to age;
the wondrous tale is written,
full clear, on every page;
our fathers owned thy goodness,
and we their deeds record;
and both of this bear witness;
one Church, one Faith, one Lord.

2. Thy heralds brought glad tidings
to greatest as to least;
they bade men rise, and hasten
to share the great King’s feast;
and this was all their teaching,
in every deed and word,
to all alike proclaiming
one Church, one Faith, one Lord.

3. When shadows thick were falling,
and all seemed sunk in night,
thou, Lord, didst send thy servants,
thy chosen sons of light.
On them and on thy people
thy plenteous grace was poured,
and this was still their message,
one Church, one Faith, one Lord.

4. Through many a day of darkness,
through many a scene of strife,
the faithful few fought bravely,
to guard the nation’s life.
Their gospel of redemption,
sin pardoned, man restored,
was all in this enfolded:
one Church, one Faith, one Lord.

5. And we, shall we be faithless?
shall hearts fail, hands hang down?
shall we evade the conflict,
and cast away our crown?
Not so: in God’s deep counsels
some better thing is stored;
we will maintain, unflinching,
one Church, one Faith, one Lord.

6. Thy mercy will not fail us,
nor leave thy work undone;
with thy right hand to help us,
the victory shall be won;
and then, by men and angels,
thy name shall be adored,
and this shall be their anthem:
one Church, one Faith, one Lord.

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 257 Glorious things of thee are spoken

1. Glorious things of thee are spoken,
Zion, city of our God;
he whose word cannot be broken
formed thee for his own abode;
on the Rock of Ages founded,
what can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation’s walls surrounded,
thou may’st smile at all thy foes.

2. See! the streams of living waters,
spring form eternal love,
well supply thy sons and daughters
and all fear of want remove.
Who can faint, when such a river
ever flows their thirst to assuage?
Grace which, like the Lord, the Giver,
never fails from age to age.

3. Round each habitation hovering,
see the cloud and fire appear
for a glory and a covering,
showing that the Lord is near.
Thus they march, their pillar leading,
light by night, and shade by day;
daily on the manna feeding
which he gives them when they pray.

4. Saviour, since of Zion’s city,
I through grace a member am,
let the world deride or pity,
I will glory in thy Name.
Fading is the worldling’s pleasure,
all his boasted pomp and show;
solid joys and lasting treasure
none but Zion’s children know.


Hymn A&M 258 City of God, how broad and far
outspread thy walls sublime!

1. City of God, how broad and far
outspread thy walls sublime!
The true thy chartered freemen are
of every age and clime.

2. One holy Church, one army strong;
one steadfast, high intent;
one working band, one harvest song,
one King omnipotent.

3. How purely hath thy speech come down
from man’s primeval youth!
How grandly hath thine empire grown
of freedom, love and truth!

4. How gleam thy watch fires through the night
with never fainting ray!
How rise thy towers, serene and bright,
to meet the dawning day!

5. In vain the surge’s angry shock,
in vain the drifting sands;
unharmed upon the eternal Rock
the eternal City stands.


Hymn A&M 259 O thou not made with hands

1. O thou not made with hands,
not throned above the skies,
nor walled with shining walls,
nor framed with stones of price,
more bright than gold or gem,
God’s own Jerusalem!

2. Where’er the gentle heart
finds courage from above;
where’er the heart forsook
warms with the breath of love;
where faith bids fear depart,
City of God, thou art.

3. Thou art where’er the proud
in humbleness melts down;
where self itself yields up;
where martyrs win their crown;
where faithful souls possess
themselves in perfect peace.

4. Where in life’s common ways
with cheerful feet we go;
where in his steps we tread,
who trod the way of woe;
where he is in the heart,
City of God, thou art.

5. Not throned above the skies,
nor golden-walled afar,
but where Christ’s two or three
in his Name gathered are,
be in the midst of them,
God’s own Jerusalem!

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 260 Ye that know the Lord is gracious

1. Ye that know the Lord is gracious,
ye for whom a cornerstone
stands, of God, elect and precious,
laid that ye may build thereon,
see that on that sure foundation
ye a living temple raise,
towers that may tell forth salvation,
walls that may re-echo praise.

2. Living stones, by God appointed
each to his allotted place,
kings and priests, by God, anointed,
shall ye not declare his grace?
Ye, a royal generation,
tell the tidings of your birth,
tidings of a new creation
to an old and weary earth.

3. Tell the praise of him who called you
out of darkness into light,
broke the fetters that enthralled you,
gave you freedom, peace and sight:
tell the tale of sins forgiven,
strength renewed and hope restored,
till the earth, in tune with heaven,
praise and magnify the Lord.


Hymn A&M 261 Happy are they, they that love God

1. Happy are they, they that love, God,
whose hearts have Christ confessed,
who by his cross have found their life,
and ‘neath his yoke their rest.

2. Glad is the praise, sweet are the songs,
when they together sing;
and strong the prayers that bow the ear
of heaven’s eternal King.

3. Christ to their homes giveth his peace,
and makes their loves his own:
but ah, what tares the evil one
hath in his garden sown.

4. Sad were our lot, evil this earth,
did not its sorrows prove
the path whereby the sheep may find
the fold of Jesus’ love.

5. Then shall they know, they that love him,
how all their pain is good;
and death itself cannot unbind
their happy brotherhood.


Hymn A&M 262 Thy kingdom come, O God!

1. Thy kingdom come, O God!
Thy rule, O Christ begin!
Break with thine iron rod
the tyrannies of sin!

2. Where is thy reign of peace,
and purity and love?
When shall all hatred cease,
as in the realms above?

3. When comes the promised time
that war shall be no more,
and lust, oppression, crime
shall flee thy face before?

4. We pray thee, Lord, arise,
and come in thy great might;
revive our longing eyes,
which languish for thy sight.

5. Men scorn thy sacred Name,
and wolves devour thy fold;
by many deeds of shame
we learn that love grows cold.

6. O’er heathen lands afar
thick darkness broodeth yet:
arise, O Morning Star,
arise, and never set!

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 263 Thy kingdom come!” on bended knee
the passing ages pray

1. “Thy kingdom come!” on bended knee
the passing ages pray;
and faithful souls have yearned to see
on earth that kingdom’s day.

2. But the slow watches of the night
not less to God belong;
and for the everlasting right
the silent stars are strong.

3. And lo, already on the hills
the flags of dawn appear;
gird up your loins, ye prophet souls,
proclaim the day is near:

4. The day to whose clear shining light
all wrong shall stand revealed,
when justice shall be throned in might,
and every heart be healed;

5. When knowledge, hand in hand with peace,
shall walk the earth abroad;
the day of perfect righteousness,
the promised day of God.


Hymn A&M 264 God of mercy, God of grace

1. God of mercy, God of grace,
show the brightness of thy face.
Shine upon us, Saviour, shine,
fill thy Church with light divine,
and thy saving health extend
unto earth’s remotest end.

2. Let the people praise thee, Lord;
be by all that live adored.
Let the nations shout and sing
glory to their Saviour King;
at thy feet their tribute pay,
and thy holy will obey.

3. Let the people praise thee, Lord;
earth shall then her fruits afford;
God to man his blessing give,
man to God devoted live;
all below, and all above,
one in joy, and light, and love.


Hymn A&M 265 From Greenland’s icy mountains

1. From Greenland’s icy mountains,
from India’s coral strand;
where Afric’s sunny fountains
roll down their golden sand:
From many an ancient river,
from many a palmy plain,
they call us to deliver
their land from error’s chain.

2. What though the spicy breezes
blow soft o’er Java’s isle;
though every prospect pleases,
and only man is vile?
In vain with lavish kindness
the gifts of God are strown;
the heathen in his blindness
bows down to wood and stone!

3. Can we, whose souls are lighted
with wisdom from on high,
can we to those benighted
the lamp of life deny?
Salvation! O salvation!
The joyful sound proclaim,
till earth’s remotest nation
has learned Messiah’s Name.

4. Waft, waft, ye winds, his story,
and you, ye waters, roll
till, like a sea of glory,
it spreads from pole to pole:
till o’er our ransomed nature
the Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, Creator,
in bliss returns to reign.


Hymn A&M 266 Thou, whose almighty word
chaos and darkness heard

1. Thou, whose almighty word
chaos and darkness heard,
and took their flight;
hear us, we humbly pray,
and, where the Gospel day
sheds not its glorious ray,
let there be light!

2. Thou who didst come to bring
on thy redeeming wing
healing and sight,
health to the sick in mind,
sight to the in-ly blind,
now to all mankind,
let there be light!

3. Spirit of truth and love,
life-giving holy Dove,
speed forth thy flight!
Move on the waters’ face
bearing the lamp of grace,
and, in earth’s darkest place,
let there be light!

4. Holy and blessed Three,
glorious Trinity,
Wisdom, Love, Might;
boundless as ocean’s tide,
rolling in fullest pride,
through the world far and wide,
let there be light!


Hymn A&M 267 Lord, her watch thy Church is keeping

1. Lord, her watch thy Church is keeping:
when shall earth thy rule obey?
When shall end the night of weeping?
When shall break the promised day?
See the whitening harvest languish,
waiting still the laborers’ toil;
was it vain, thy Son’s deep anguish?
shall the strong retain the spoil?

2. Tidings, sent to every creature,
millions yet have never heard:
can they hear without a preacher?
Lord almighty, give the word!
Give the word! in every nation
let the Gospel trumpet sound,
witnessing a world’s salvation,
to the earth’s remotest bound.

3. Then the end: thy Church completed,
all thy chosen gathered in,
with their King in glory seated,
Satan bound, and banished sin;
gone for ever parting, weeping,
hunger, sorrow, death, and pain;
Lo! her watch thy Church is keeping;
Come, Lord Jesus, come to reign!


Hymn A&M 268 Fling out the banner! let it float
skyward and seaward, high and wide


1. Fling out the banner! let it float
skyward and seaward, high and wide;
our glory only in the cross,
our only hope the crucified.

2. Fling out the banner! angels bend
in anxious silence o’er the sign,
and vainly seek to comprehend
the wonder of the love divine.

3. Fling out the banner! heathen lands
shall see from far the glorious sight,
and nations, crowding to be born,
baptize their spirits in its light.

4. Fling out the banner! wide and high,
seaward and skyward, let it shine;
nor skill, nor might, nor merit ours;
we conquer only in that sign.


Hymn A&M 269 Hills of the north, rejoice

1. Hills of the north, rejoice;
river and mountain spring,
hark to the advent voice;
valley and lowland, sing;
though absent long, your Lord is nigh;
he judgment brings and victory.

2. Isles of the southern seas,
deep in your coral caves
pent be each warring breeze,
lulled be your restless waves:
he comes to reign with boundless sway,
and makes your wastes his great highway.

3. Lands of the East, awake,
soon shall your sons be free;
the sleep of ages break,
and rise to liberty.
On your far hills, long cold and gray,
has dawned the everlasting day.

4. Shores of the utmost West,
ye that have waited long,
unvisited, unblest,
break forth to swelling song;
high raise the note, that Jesus died,
yet lives and reigns, the Crucified.

5. Shout, while ye journey home;
songs be in every mouth;
lo, from the North we come,
from East, and West, and South.
city of God, the bond are free,
we come to live and reign in thee!


Hymn A&M 270 Trumpet of God, sound high

1. Trumpet of God, sound high,
till the hearts of the heathen shake,
and the souls that in slumber lie
at the voice of the Lord awake.
Till the fenced cities fall
at the blast of the Gospel call,
trumpet of God, sound high!

2. Hosts of the Lord, go forth:
go, strong in the power of his rest,
till the south be at one with the north,
and peace upon east and west;
till the far-off lands shall thrill
with the gladness of God’s good will,
hosts of the Lord, go forth!

3. Come, as of old, like fire;
O force of the Lord, descend,
till with love of the world’s Desire
earth burn to its utmost end;
till the ransomed people sing
to the glory of Christ the King,
come, as of old, like fire!

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 271 God is working his purpose out as
year succeeds to year

1. God is working his purpose out as
year succeeds to year:
God is working his purpose out, and
the time is drawing near;
nearer and nearer draws the time, the
time that shall surely be,
when the earth shall be filled with the
glory of God as the waters cover
the sea.

2. From utmost east to utmost west,
where’er man’s foot hath trod,
by the mouth of many messengers
goes forth the voice of God;
give ear to me, ye continents,
ye isles, give ear to me,
that earth may filled
with the glory of God
as the waters cover the sea.

3. What can we do to work God’s work,
to prosper and increase
the brotherhood of all mankind the
reign of the Prince of Peace?
What can we do to hasten the time,
the time that shall surely be,
when the earth shall be filled
with the glory of God
as the waters cover the sea.

4. March we forth in the strength of God,
with the banner of Christ unfurled,
that the light of the glorious gospel of truth
may shine throughout the world:
fight we the fight with sorrow and sin
to set their captives free,
that earth may filled
with the glory of God
as the waters cover the sea.

5. All we can do is nothing worth
unless God blessed the deed;
vainly we hope for the harvest-tide
till God gives life to the seed;
yet nearer and nearer draws the time,
the time that shall surely be,
when the earth shall be filled
with the glory of God
as the waters cover the sea.


Hymn A&M 272 Let saints on earth in concert sing
with those who work is done

1. Let saints on earth in concert sing
with those who work is done;
for all the servants of our King
in heaven and earth are one.

2. One family, we dwell in him,
one Church, above, beneath,
though now divided by the stream,
the narrow stream of death.

3. One army of the living God,
to his command we bow;
part of the host have crossed the flood,
and part are crossing now.

4. E’en now to their eternal home
there pass some spirits blest;
while others to the margin come,
waiting their call to rest..

5. Jesu, be thou our constant Guide;
then, when the word is given,
bid Jordan’s narrow stream divide,
and bring us safe to heaven.


Hymn A&M 273 They whose course on earth is o’er

1. They whose course on earth is o’er,
think they of their brethren more?
They before the throne who bow,
feel they for their brethren now?

2. We, by enemies distrest;
they in paradise at rest;
we the captives; they the freed;
we and they are one indeed.

3. Those whom many a land divides,
many mountains, many tides,
have they with each other part,
fellowship of heart with heart?

4. Each to each may be unknown,
wide apart their lots be thrown;
differing tongues their lips may speak,
one be strong and one be weak.

5. Yet in sacrament and prayer
each with other hath a share;
hath a share in tear and sigh,
watch and fast and litany.

6. Saints departed even thus
hold communion still with us;
still with us, beyond the veil
praising, pleading without fail.

7. With them still our hearts we raise,
share their work and join their praise,
rendering worship, thanks and love
to the Trinity above.


Hymn A&M 274 He wants not friends that hath thy love


1. He wants not friends that hath thy love,
and may converse and walk with thee;
and with thy saints here and above,
with whom for ever I must be.

2. In the blest fellowship of saints
is wisdom, safety and delight;
and, when my heart declines and faints,
it’s raised by their heat and light.

3. As for my friends, they are not lost;
the several vessels of thy fleet,
though parted now, by tempests tost,
shall safely in the haven meet.

4. Still we are centered all in thee,
members, though distant, of one Head;
in the same family we be,
by the same faith and Spirit led.

5. Before thy throne we daily meet
as joint petitioners to thee;
in spirit we each other greet,
and shall again each other see.

6. The heavenly hosts, world without end,
shall be my company above;
and thou, my best and surest Friend,
who shall divide me from thy love?


Hymn A&M 275 Brief life is here our portion

1. Brief life is here our portion;
brief sorrow, short-lived care;
the life that knows no ending,
the tearless life, is there.
o happy retribution:
short toll, eternal rest:
for mortals and for sinners
a mansion with the blest!

2. And now we fight the battle,
but then shall wear the crown
of full and everlasting
and passionless renown.
and now we watch and struggle,
and now we live in hope,
and sion in her anguish
with babylon must cope.

3. But he whom now we trust in
shall then be seen and known,
and they that know and see him
shall have him for their own.
the morning shall awaken,
the shadows shall decay,
and each true-hearted servant
shall shine as doth the day.

4. There God, our king, and portion,
in fulness of his grace
shall we behold forever,
and worship face to face.
then all the hails of sion
for ay shall be complete,
and in the land of beauty
all things of beauty meet.


Hymn A&M 276 The world is very evil

1. The world is very evil,
the times are waxing late,
be sober and keep vigil,
the Judge is at the gate.
The Judge who comes in mercy,
the Judge who comes in might,
who comes to end the evil,
who comes to crown the right.

2. Arise, arise, good Christian,
let right to wrong succeed;
let penitential sorrow
to heavenly gladness lead,
to light that has no evening,
that knows nor moon nor sun,
the light so new and golden,
the light that is but one.

3. O home of fadeless splendor,
of flowers that bear no thorn,
where they shall dwell as children
who here as exiles mourn!
‘Midst power that knows no limit,
where wisdom has no bound,
The beatific vision
shall glad the saints around.

4. O happy, holy portion,
reflection for the blest,
true vision of true beauty,
true cure of the distressed!
Strive, man, to win that glory;
toil, man, to gain that light;
send hope before to grasp it,
till hope be lost in sight.


Hymn A&M 277 For thee, O dear, dear country


1. For thee, O dear, dear country,
mine eyes their vigils keep;
for very love, beholding
thy happy name, they weep.
The mention of thy glory
is unction to the breast,
and medicine in sickness,
and love and life and rest.

2. O one, O only mansion!
O Paradise of joy!
Where tears are ever banished,
and smiles have no alloy;
the Lamb is all thy splendor,
the Crucified thy praise;
his laud and benediction
thy ransomed people raise.

3. With jasper glow thy bulwarks,
thy streets with emeralds blaze;
the sardius and the topaz
unite in thee their rays;
thine ageless walls are bonded
with amethyst unpriced;
the saints build up thy fabric,
thy cornerstone is Christ.

4. Thou hast no shore, fair ocean!
Thou hast no time, bright day!
Dear fountain of refreshment
to pilgrims far away!
Upon the Rock of ages
they raise thy holy tower;
thine is the victor’s laurel,
and thine the golden dower.


Hymn A&M 278 Jerusalem the golden

1. Jerusalem the golden,
with milk and honey blest,
beneath thy contemplation
sink heart and voice oppressed:
I know not, oh, I know not,
what joys await us there;
what radiancy of glory,
what bliss beyond compare!

2. They stand, those halls of sion,
all jubilant with song,
and bright with many an angel,
and all the martyr throng:
the Prince is ever in them,
the daylight is serene;
the pastures of the blessed
are decked in glorious sheen.

3. There is the throne of David;
and there, from care released,
the shout of them that triumph,
the song of them that feast;
and they who with their Leader
have conquered in the fight,
for ever and for ever
are clad in robes of white.

4. Oh, sweet and blessed country,
the home of God’s elect!
Oh, sweet and blessed country,
that eager hearts expect!
Jesus, in mercy bring us
to that dear land of rest,
who art, with God the Father,
and the Spirit, ever blest.


Hymn A&M 279 Lights’ abode, celestial Salem


1. Lights’ abode, celestial Salem,
vision whence true peace doth spring,
brighter than the heart can fancy,
mansion of the highest King;
O how glorious are the praises
which of thee the prophets sing!

2. There for ever and for ever
alleluia is outpoured;
for unending, for unbroken
is the feast-day of the Lord;
all is pure and all is holy
that within thy walls is stored.

3. There no cloud nor passing vapor
dims the brightness of the air;
endless noonday, glorious noonday,
from the Sun of suns is there;
there no night brings rest from labor,
for unknown are toil and care.

4. O how glorious and resplendent,
fragile body, shalt thou be,
when endued with heavenly beauty,
full of health, and strong, and free,
full of vigor, full of pleasure
that shall last eternally!

5. Now with gladness, now with courage,
bear the burden on thee laid,
that hereafter these thy labours
may with endless gifts be paid,
and in everlasting glory
thou with bright be arrayed.

6. Laud and honour to the Father,
laud and honor to the Son,
laud and honour to the Spirit,
ever Three and ever One,
consubstantial, co-eternal,
while unending ages run.


Hymn A&M 280 Jerusalem on high
my song and city is


1. Jerusalem on high
my song and city is,
my home whene’er I die,
the center of my bliss;
O happy place!
When shall I be,
my God, with thee,
to see thy face?

2. There dwells my Lord, my King,
judged here unfit to live
there angels to him sing,
and lowly homage give:
O happy, etc.

3. The patriarchs of old
there from their travels cease;
the prophets there behold
their longed-for Prince of Peace.
O happy, etc.

4. The Lamb’s apostles there
I might with joy behold,
the harpers I might hear
harping on harps of gold:
O happy, etc.

5. The bleeding martyrs, they
within those courts are found,
all clothed in pure array,
their scars with glory crowned:
O happy, etc.

6. Ah me! ah me! that I
in Kedar’s tents here stay;
no place like that on high;
Lord, thither guide my way.
O happy, etc.


Hymn A&M 281 O what their joy and their glory must be


1. O what their joy and their glory must be,
those endless Sabbaths the blessed ones see;
crown for the valiant, to weary ones rest:
God shall be All, and in all ever blest.

2. What are the Monarch, his court and his throne?
What are the peace and the joy that they own?
O that the blest ones, who in it have share,
all that they feel could as fully declare!

3. Truly, “Jerusalem” name we that shore,
‘vision of peace,’ that brings joy evermore;
wish and fulfillment are not severed be ne’re,
nor do things prayed for come short of the prayer.

4. There, where no troubles distraction can bring,
we the sweet anthems of Zion shall sing;
while for thy grace, Lord, their voices of praise
thy blessed people eternally raise.

5. There dawns no sabbath, no sabbath is o’er,
those sabbath keppers have one evermore;
one and unending is that triumph song
which to the angels and us shall belong.

6. Now, in the meantime, with hearts raised on high,
we for that country must yearn and must sigh,
seeking Jerusalem, dear native land,
through our long exile on Babylon’s strand.

7. Low before him with our praises we fall,
of whom and in whom and through whom are all;
of whom, the Father; and in whom, the Son;
and through whom, the Spirit, with them ever One.


Hymn A&M 282 Jerusalem, my happy home,
name ever dear to me


1. Jerusalem, my happy home,
name ever dear to me,
When shall my labours have an end?
Thy joys when shall I see?

2. When shall these eyes thy heaven built walls
and pearly gates behold?
thy bulwarks with salvation strong,
and streets of shining gold?

3. Apostles, martyrs, prophets,
around may saviour stand;
and all i love in Christ below there
will join the glorious band?

4. Jerusalem, my happy home,
when shall i come to thee?
when shall my labours have an end?
thy joys when shall i see?

5. O Christ, do thou my soul prepare
for that bring home of love;
that i may see thee and adore,
with all thy saints above.

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 283 Sing alleluia forth in duteous praise

1. Sing alleluia forth in duteous praise,
ye citizens of heaven, O sweetly raise
an endless alleluia.

2. Ye powers who stand before the eternal Light,
in hymning choirs reecho to the height
an endless alleluia.

3. The holy city shall take up your strain,
and with glad songs resounding wake again
an endless alleluia.

4. In blissful antiphons ye thus rejoice
to render to the Lord with thankful voice
an endless alleluia.

5. Ye who have gained at length your palms in bliss,
victorious ones, your chant shall still be this:
an endless alleluia.

6. There, in one grand acclaim, for ever ring,
the strains which tell the honor of your King,
an endless alleluia.

7. This is sweet rest for weary ones brought back,
this is glad food and drink which ne’er shall lack:
an endless alleluia.

8. While thee, by whom were all things made, we praise
for ever, and tell out in sweetest lays
an endless alleluia.

9. Almighty Christ, to thee our voices sing
glory for evermore; to thee we bring
an endless alleluia.


Hymn A&M 284 Ten thousand times ten thousand
in sparkling raiment bright


1. Ten thousand times ten thousand
in sparkling raiment bright,
the armies of the ransomed saints
throng up the steeps of light;
’tis finished, all is finished,
their fight with death and sin;
fling open wide the golden gates,
and let the victors in.

2. What rush of alleluias
fills all the earth and sky!
what ringing of a thousand harps
bespeaks the triumph nigh!
O day, for which creation
and all its tribes were made;
O joy, for all its former woes
a thousand fold repaid!

3. O then what raptured greetings
on Canaan’s happy shore;
what knitting severed friendships up
where partings are no more!
Then eyes with joy shall sparkle,
that brimmed with tears of late;
orphans no longer fatherless,
nor widows desolate.

4. Bring near thy great salvation,
thou Lamb for sinners slain;
fill up the roll of thine elect,
then take thy power, and reign;
appear, Desire of nations,
thine exiles long for home;
show in the heaven thy promised sign;
thou Prince and Savior, come.


Hymn A&M 285 There is a land of pure deligh

1. There is a land of pure delight,
where saints immortal reign,
infinite day excludes the night,
and pleasures banish pain.

2. There everlasting spring abides,
and never-withering flowers:
death, like a narrow sea, divides
this heavenly land from ours.

3. Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood
stand dressed in living green:
so to the Jews old Canaan stood,
while Jordan rolled between.

4. But timorous mortals start and shrink
to cross thie narrow sea;
and linger, shivering on the brink,
and fear to launch away.

5. O could we make our doubts remove,
those gloomy thoughts that rise,
and see the Canaan that we love
with unbeclouded eyes!

6. Could we but climb where Moses stood,
and view the landscape o’er,
not Jordan’s stream, nor death’s cold flood,
should fright us from the shore.


Hymn A&M 286 My soul, there is a country
far beyond the stars


1. My soul, there is a country
far beyond the stars,
where stands a winged sentry
all skillful in the wars:

2. There above noise, and danger,
sweet peace sits crowned with smiles,
and One born in a manger
commands the beauteous files.

3. He is thy gracious Friend,
and–O my soul, awake!
did in pure love descend,
to die here for thy sake.

4. If thou canst get but thither,
there grows the flower of peace,
the Rose that cannot wither,
thy fortress and thy ease.

5. Leave then thy foolish ranges,
for none can thee secure
but one who never changes,
thy God, thy life, thy cure.


Hymn A&M 287 They come, God’s messengers of love


1. They come, God’s messengers of love,
they come from realms of peace above,
from homes of never-fading light,
from blissful mansions ever bright.

2. They come to watch around us here,
to soothe our sorrow, calm our fear:
ye heavenly guides, speed not away,
God willeth you with us to stay.

3. But chiefly at its journey’s end
’tis yours the spirit to befriend,
and whisper to the faithful heart,
“O Christian soul, in peace depart.”

4. Blest Jesus, thou whose groans and tears
have sanctified frail nature’s fears,
to earth in bitter sorrow weighed
thou didst not scorn thine angels’ aid;

5. An angel guard to us supply,
when on the bed of death we lie;
and by thine own almighty power
O shield us in the last dread hour.

6. To God the Father, God the Son,
and God the Spirit, Three in One,
from all above and all below
let joyful praise unceasing flow.

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 288 Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright

1. Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright,
filled with celestial virtue and light,
these that, where night never followeth day,
praise the Thrice-holy ever and ye;

2. These are thy ministers, these dost thou own,
Lord God of Sabaoth, nearest thy throne;
these are thy messengers, these dost thou send,
Help of the helpless ones! man to defend.

3. These keep the guard amidst Salem’s dear bowers,
Thrones, Principalities, Virtues and Powers,
where, with the Living Ones, mystical Four,
Cherubim, Seraphim, bow and adore.

4. Then, when the earth was first poised in mid space,
then, when the planets first sped on their race,
then, when were ended the six days’ employ,
then all the sons of God shouted for joy.

5. Still let them succor us; still let them fight,
Lord of angelic hosts, battling for right;
Till, where their anthems they ceaselessly pour,
We with the angels may bow and adore.


Hymn A&M 289 O happy band of pilgrims


1. O happy band of pilgrims,
if onward ye will tread
with Jesus as your fellow
to Jesus as your Head!

2. O happy, if ye labor
as Jesus did for men:
O happy, if ye hunger
as Jesus hungered then!

3. The Cross that Jesus carried
he carried as your due:
the Crown that Jesus weareth
he weareth it for you.

4. The faith by which ye see him,
the hope, in which ye yearn,
the love that through all troubles
to him alone will turn,

5. The trials that beset you,
the sorrows ye endure,
the manifold temptations
that Death alone can cure,–

6. What are they, but his jewels
of right celestial worth?
What are they but the ladder,
set up to heaven on earth?

7. O happy band of pilgrims,
look upward to the skies,
where such a light affliction
shall win so great a prize.


Hymn A&M 290 Through all the changing scenes of life


1. Through all the changing scenes of life,
in trouble and in joy,
the praises of my God shall still
my heart and tongue employ.

2. O magnify the Lord with me,
with me exalt his Name;
when in distress to him I called,
he to my rescue came.

3. The hosts of God encamp around
the dwellings of the just;
deliverance he affords to all
who on his succor trust.

4. O make but trial of his love;
experience will decide
how blest are they, and only they
who in his truth confide.

5. Fear him, ye saints, and you will then
have nothing else to fear;
make you his service your delight;
your wants shall be his care.

6. To God the father, God the son,
The God whom we adore,
Be glory, as it was, is now,
And shall be evermore.


Hymn A&M 291 Oft in danger, oft in woe

1. Oft in danger, oft in woe,
onward, Christian, onward go:
bear the toil, maintain the strife,
strengthened with the Bread of Life.

2. Onward Christians, onward go,
join the war and face the foe;
will ye flee in danger’s hour?
Know ye not your Captain’s power?

3. Let not sorrow dim your eye,
soon shall every tear be dry;
let not fears your course impede,
great your strength, if great your need.

4. Let your drooping hearts be glad:
march in heavenly armor clad:
fight, nor think the battle long,
soon shall victory wake your song.

5. Onward then in battle move,
more than conquerors ye shall prove;
though opposed by many a foe,
Christian soldiers, onward go.


Hymn A&M 292 Through the night of doubt and sorrow


1. Through the night of doubt and sorrow,
onward goes the pilgrim band,
singing songs of expectation,
marching to the promised land.
Clear before us through the darkness
gleams and burns the guiding light:
trusting God we march together
stepping fearless through the night.

2. One the light of God’s own presence,
o’er his ransomed people shed,
chasing far the gloom and terror,
brightening all the path we tread:
one the object of our journey,
one the faith which never tires,
one the earnest looking forward,
one the hope our God inspires.

3. One the strain the lips of thousands
lift as from the heart of one;
one the conflict, one the peril,
one the march in God begun:
one the gladness of rejoicing
on the far eternal shore,
where the one almighty Father
reigns in love for evermore.

4. Onward, therefore, pilgrim brothers,
onward with the cross our aid;
bear its shame, and fight its battle,
till we rest beneath its shade.
Soon shall come the great awaking,
soon the rending of the tomb;
then the scattering of all shadows,
and the end of toil and gloom.

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 293 Who would true valour see
let him come hither

1. Who would true valour see
let him come hither;
one here will constant be,
come wind, come weather;
There’s no discouragement
shall make him once relent
his first avowed intent
to be a pilgrim.

2. Who so beset him round
with dismal stories
do but themselves confound
his strength the more is.
No lion can him fright;
he’ll with a giants fight,
but he will have the right
to be a pilgrim.

3. No goblin nor foul fiend
can daunt his Spirit,
he knows him at the end,
shall life inherit.
Then, fancies, fly away!
he’ll not fear what men say,
he’ll labour night and day
to be a pilgrim.


Hymn A&M 294 Brothers, join hand to hand
in one bond united


1. Brothers, join hand to hand
in one bond united,
pressing onward to that land
where all wrongs are righted:
let your words and actions be
worthy your vocation;
chosen of the Lord, and free,
heirs of Christ’s salvation.

2. Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life,
who hath gone before you
through the turmoil and the strife,
holds his banner o’er you:
all who see this sacred sign
press towards heaven’s portal,
fired by hope that is divine,
love that is immortal.

3. They who follow fear no foe,
care not who assail them;
where the Master leads they go,
he will never fail them.
Courage, brothers! we are one,
in the love that sought us;
soon the warfare shall be done,
through the grace he brought us.


Hymn A&M 295 Children of the heavenly King,
as ye journey, sweetly sing


1. Children of the heavenly King,
as ye journey, sweetly sing;
sing your Savior’s worthy praise,
glorious in his works and ways

2. We are traveling home to God,
in the way the fathers trod;
they are happy now, and we
soon their happiness shall see.

3. Lift your eyes, ye sons of light,
Zion’s city is in sight:
there our endless home shall be,
there our Lord we soon shall see.

4. Fear not, brethren; joyful stand
on the borders of your land;
Jesus Christ, your Father’s Son,
bids you undismayed go on.

5. Lord, obediently we would go,
gladly leaving all below;
only thou our Leader be;
and we still will follow thee.


Hymn A&M 296 Guide me, O thou great Redeemer

1. Guide me, O thou great Redeemer,
pilgrim though this barren land;
I am weak, but thou art mighty;
hold me with thy powerful hand;
Bread of heaven,
feed me now and evermore.

2. Open now the crystal fountain,
whence the healing stream doth flow;
let the fiery cloudy pillar
lead me all my journey through;
strong Deliverer,
be thou still my Strength and Shield.

3. When I tread the verge of Jordan,
bid my anxious fears subside;
death of death, and hell’s destruction,
land me safe on Canaan’s side;
songs of praises,
I will ever give to thee.

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 297 LIFT up your voice, ye Christian folk,
To praise the Holy One

1. LIFT up your voice, ye Christian folk,
To praise the Holy One,
who ransoms us from Satan‘s yoke
Through Christ, his blessed Son.
Lo, we who were in grievous state
By reason of our sin,
Our heads look up, our fears abate,
our triumphs now begin.

2. The mists hung cold. the night was black,
About the way we trod:
Our feet were stumbling from the Track
Which leads the soul to God.
But Christ. who broke from death’s
dark shroud,
Hath sent his quickening ray:
The sun breaks through the drifting cloud,
And now ’tis glorious day.

3. Lift up your voice! with shout and Song
Extol his majesty,
whose power hath made the feeble strong,
And caused the blind to see.
And when the sound of praise grows Dim
Still may our lives forth tell,
In all we do, our love of him
Who doeth all things well.

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 298 Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom

1. Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
lead thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home;
lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see
the distant scene; one step enough for me.

2. I was not ever thus, nor prayed that thou
shouldst lead me on;
I loved to choose and see my path; but now
lead thou me on!
I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears,
pride ruled my will: remember not past years!

3. So long thy power hath blessed me, sure it still
will lead me on.
O’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till
the night is gone,
And with the morn those angel faces smile,
which I have loved long since, and lost awhile!


Hymn A&M 299 O God of Bethel, by whose hand
thy people still are fed

1. O God of Bethel, by whose hand
thy people still are fed;
who through this earthly pilgrimage
hast all our fathers led:

2. Our vows, our prayers, we now present
before thy throne of grace:
O God of Israel, be the God
of their succeeding race.

3. Through each perplexing path of life
our wandering footsteps guide;
give us each day our daily bread,
and raiment fit provide.

4. O spread thy covering wings around,
till all our wanderings cease,
and at our Father’s loved abode
our souls arrive in peace!

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Hymn A&M 300 Be thou my guardian and my guide,
and hear me when I call

1. Be thou my guardian and my guide,
and hear me when I call;
let not my slippery footsteps slide,
and hold me lest I fall.

2. The world, the flesh, and Satan dwell
around the path I tread;
O save me from the snares of hell,
thou Quickener of the dead.

3. And if I tempted am to sin,
and outward things are strong,
do thou, O Lord, keep watch within,
and save my soul from wrong.

4. Still let me ever watch and pray,
and feel that I am frail;
that if the tempter cross my way,
yet he may not prevail




Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300

Ancient & Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 251- 300