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30 Hilarious School Days Memes, Jokes and Funny Pictures

Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

School is very hilarious once you think back on how it went. Once a new student is admitted into a particular class, some of the students will like to be his or her friend while others will like to scuffle the student. Remembering these things look so funny. 30 Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

There are many hysterical justifications some students make whenever the teacher in charge asks for the assignment given before going to the weekend. Some dull student will be like Sir, I did it but I forgot it at home.

Some uproar and tedious students once they see the principal, they ran away and hide. While the brilliant ones will remain calm. All these adventures are very hysterical.

Below are 30 memorable hilarious pictures of how students behave while in school.

Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures


Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

AMemes Jokes and Funny Pictures

Memes Jokes and Funny PicturesMemes Jokes and Funny Pictures

After school, some of the dull students will be recollecting what they did in school. Like did I just call my teacher mom? So hilarious.

School days are not what we have to forget easily. When the bell for dismissal rings, you will see some new students running helter-skelter from class as if something is after them.

As you are running through these articles I know you are laughing now. Putting a smile on your face is the reason for these hilarious pictures.

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25 Nigeria Funny Jokes And Meme That Will Make Your Day. Jokes and memes are always hilarious.

They sometimes make our day and put smiles on our faces. However, there are memes you will see and you will laugh out uncontrollably.

That is the kind we bring to you here. We have 25 funny jokes and memes by Nigerians that will make t laugh and forget their worries.

Some hilarious pictures are been taken unknowingly. Do you know that funny jokes and memes can cure a sick person? Yes. Because they say; laughter is a medicine. It can as well make a divided relationship to get united. Heal a wounded heart, lower BP, maintain healthy endothelium, decreases stroke and heart attack, and other sicknesses that affect the body system.

Below are some of the 25 hilarious pictures and funny jokes of the day.

That awkward moment when Ofuofia came to give testimony in the church and the pastor is already guilty of what he was about testifying.

If you have watched Osuofia film Aka Nkem Owoh he is always a funny type. You can’t watch his movie without him putting smiles on your face what a legendary actor.s

Funny Memes

Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

Who is shouting: “No be juju be that!” It is not joor.

Funny Meme

You say?

According to some of the pictures above, one of the images is reminding me of my past moment in school. During exams, you will see some brilliant students using rulers and pencils while the dull ones will be asking where were we asked to use a ruler. So funny right?

Memes Jokes and Funny Pictures

Summary of the Funny memes and Jokes

Glancing at the pictures above I know you are laughing now. If you are with any of your relations or friends show them the pictures so that they can laugh with you.

Anyway, If you find any of these pictures interesting, drop a comment about it.

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