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“Doings slang” – What is the Meaning of this Slang, Men of “Doings”?

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“Doings” – What is the Meaning of this Slang?

“Doings slang” – What is the Meaning of this Slang? As I surfed through Facebook this morning, I saw this question. It was posted by BBC News Igbo on their page. So, I thought it wise to answer it on this space for documentation purposes.

This is not actually the first time we are writing about slang. We have written so many popular slangs trending in Nigeria in 2021. Popular slang in Nigeria in 2021, you can read them here.

To start with, doing and doings are all English words and they mean an action, deed, or manner of doing things. When we say someone is doing… the next in our head is to hear the action the person is performing.

Doing is a noun and also a verb; a present continues verb. He is doing magic. He is doing the connection (informal).

As a noun, you can say: Is this your doing? (= Did you do this?) It was not my doing.

 But what about “Doings” slang?

The original meaning of doings is quite different from the “doings” slang. Doings according to the English dictionary means someone’s activities or someone’s ways of actions. For example, we can say: “The doings of the British royal family have always been of interest to the media.”

However, when we talk about ‘doings‘ as a slang, it is referring to the recent media-breaking burial that took place in the East recently where money was used as a footmark. Doings referred to the caliber of the young benevolent billionaires and millionaires who wrought the doings in Oba last month during the Obi Cubana mother’s burial.

Doings slang is all about what happened in Oba during the Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial last month and who made it happened – the populated cows and the flying bundles of money. This group of people is referred to as the men of doings.

“Doings” – What is the Meaning of this Slang

Who Originated Doings Slangs?

Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial in Oba originated the “Doings” slang. The slang doings started trending during the burial when young Igbo billionaires and millionaires were seen trying to outdo themselves in things of money.

The slang is an English translation of an Igbo slang “Ndi mme mme or onye mme mme”. It can also be spoken this way, Onye na-eme eme.

Cubana Chief is onye Mme mme – onye doings. E Money is Onye mme mme, Obi Cubana is onye mme mme, put together, they are ndi mme mme and which becomes men of “doings”.

See also other Meanings of the Slang Doings

  • Men of giving.
  • Men who make things happen
  • Men with large hearts.
    Men with the money; doing money thing (ndi na-eme ihe ego).
  • Those who make things happen.
  • Onye omume.
  • Onye mme mme.
  • Mem who throw money in bundles.

“Doings” – What is the Meaning of this Slang?
Men of “Doings”