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Fabian Nworah (EFAB Estate) Biography, Age, Business and Net Worth

Fabian Nworah/Nwora (EFAB Estate) Biography, Age, Business, and Net Worth

Let’s talk about Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nworah/Nwora (EFAB Estate), Biography, Age, Business, and Net Worth. The owner of EFAB Estate is Chief Fabian Okechukwu Nwora, CEO of First Generation Mortgage bank  (Chikeluba). He is an Igbo businessman and Estate developer from Anambra State.

Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nworah is popularly known as Egbeike or Chikeluba. The surname is spelled as Nwaora, Nwora, or Nworah. He is a native of Akabu in Osumenyi, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State. He is a business mogul, a billionaire real estate developer, and a philanthropist who bases in Abuja.

Fabian Okechukwu Nwora was born in 1960 in Osumenyi, Nnewi South Anambra state. The names of his parents are the late Chief Ejefobiri and Madam Louisa Uzojeaga Nwora.


Biography and Background of Chief Fabian Nwora (Egbeike)

Chief Fabian Nworah is among the humble Billionaire businessmen in the east. Merely looking at him, you will never guest the amount of wealth he has amassed for himself.

This is due to the nature of his simplicity. He is always associating freely with his agnates and village men. He is popularly called Egbeike by people. Meaning loud gun or powerful gun.

He was addressed or nicknamed according to the nature of the exploit he does. Many wealthy men have guns (wealth) but his, is a hard and loud gun that when he makes a shot, it is heard everywhere.

Fabian Nwaora or Nwora aka Egbeike or Chikeluba is a native of Osumenyi in Nnewi South Local Government, Anambra State.

Before he made his wealth, he was said to have worked as a Conductor in Kano state. This information has not been verified anyway. gathered from a close relative that Chief Fabian didn’t make any wealth in Kano and Sokoto.

In fact, he was said to have relocated to Abuja to see if the environment would favor me. He eventually ventured into the building and properties business.

From there, he got contracts from the Federal government to develop an estate in Abuja. He got the first and delivered the contract. EFAB boss and the likes of Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu (Prince and Princess Estate) are renowned Estate developers in the Federal Capital territory.

Fabian Nworah/Nwora (EFAB Estate) Biography Age Business and Net Worth


EFAB Boss, Fabian Nwora was not born with a silver spoon. He was born in his father’s hometown, Osumenyi. He also had basic education in Osumenyi. He had his basic primary education in Osumenyi.

He attended St. Anthony of Padua Primary School, Oke-Ofia, Osumenyi, and also City Primary School, Fegge, Onitsha.

Chief Fabian did not attend University education at an early age due to the nature of his background. He proceeded to the township for an apprenticeship.

However, due to his commitment to educational development both in Nigeria and abroad, he has been awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree.


Business and Career

Chief Fabian Nworah is the owner and founder of EFAB Properties Limited. Efab Properties Limited is a foremost Estate Developer with its base in Abuja and has extended services to various states within the country, e.g Delta  State and Anambra State to mention a few.

Its focus is promoting “A family, A roof” over the thirty-six (36) states of the country. Paramount in Chikeluba’s mind at Efab is an intense desire to reach out with the totality of our know-how in real estate and solve the housing needs of all classes of Nigerians in a responsible manner, befitting a responsible entity.

According to data, Chief Fabian Nworah EFAB Properties Limited has been in the business for about 30 years. It has built over 3488+ houses and owns over 15 Estates.

EFAB Estate Boss

List of Estates developed by Chief Fabian Nworah

We have been dully informed that the number of Estates developed by Fabian Nworah is about 15 in number. These are some of the names of the Estates:

Efab City Estate, Mbora District

Efab Queens Estate, Karsana.

Efab Metropolis Estate, Karsana.

Efab Sunshine Estate.

Efab Dynamite Estate.

Efab Estate, Gwarinpa.

Efab Estate, Apo 1.

Efab Classic Estate, Apo III.

Efab Estate, Dakwa.

Efab Estate, Lokogoma.

Efab Global Estate, Mbora District, etc.

Chief Fabian Nworah (Chikeluba) is also the CEO of First Generation Mortgage bank. His wife is the current MD of the bank. He also owns myriads of plazas in the heart of the capital cities.

He is also the owner of Top Rank Hotels nationwide, formerly Bolingo hotels, Onitsha, and the rest of other businesses.


Awards and Title

EFAB Estate Boss, Chief Fabian Nworah is a red-cap titled Chief in his Community. He holds the title of Ume (Ezike) Chikeluba.

He has been awarded various titles, nationally and internationally. He holds the title of  (Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) by the past democratic President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the late President Yar’ Adua.

Chief Fabian Nwaora has been awarded the Investor of the year (The Property magnet) by the Sun Newspaper. In total, Chief Chikeluba holds 10 different awards.

Chief Fabian Nworah Age

Chief Fabian Okechukwu Nwora’s age is not hidden. In the year 2020, he celebrated his 60th year birthday. This is to say that he was born in 1960.

How old is Fabian Nworah currently? calculating from the time he celebrated his birthday, EFAB boss is 61-years-old.

Chief Fabian Nworah Family, Wife, and Children

Chief Chikeluba is married with children. He has boys and girls, and grandchildren.

He is married to Lolo Evelyn Nwora. The marriage is blessed with 5 children. His son Augustine Nwaora is into business.

The son of the owner of EFAB Estate is also an Instagram influencer and celebrity ‘Austin David’. He was said to have participated in BBNaija. However, he is into the real estate and property business in Abuja just like his father.

David Austin Nwora

Fabian Nworah/Nwora (EFAB Estate) Biography Age Business and Net Worth

Net Worth

Chief Fabian Nworah EFAB Estate Limited is among the rich men in Nigeria that their wealth is beyond measure in the figure. But the truth of the matter remains that there is no available data that gives the amount of money Egbeike worths.

We can measure his worth based on the number of Estates developed by his company. It is no exaggeration to say that Chikeluba worths more than billions in Naira and more than Millions in dollars.

As I said before, he is one of the quiet billionaires in the East. You will hardly hear him make noise with his wealth. But when you come to his hometown in Osumenyi, you will know his worth.

He is well respected. He is also a philanthropist. He single-handled mounted solar street lights across towns in Nnewi South and tarred the roads for his townsmen.

Chief Chikeluba also built the famous St. Fabian’s Roman Catholic church at EFAB Estate, Karimo Abuja, and the one in his hometown. He donated the sum of 5 million Naira to the Anambra State government. This was during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic to cushion the effect of the lockdown.

Chief Fabian Nworah donated 5 million to Anambra State Government to cushion the effect of the pandemic

In case you don’t know, Chief Fabian’s hometown, Osumenyi, is one of the 5 richest towns in Igbo land. The town is known for wealthy men like Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu, Chief Polycarp Obiukwu, Jude Umeh (Julex), etc.

Among these wealthy men, Chief Fabian Nwora Chikeluba is rated the richest in Osumenyi. Having said this, the net worth of EFAB Estate Properties Limited’s boss runs in billions.

Summary on Fabian Nworah/Nwora (EFAB Estate) Biography Age Business and Net Worth

Chief Fabian Nworah is an Abuja-based Igbo-Estate developer. He is the owner of EFAB Estate property limited.

He is a billionaire business mogul and philanthropy. His commitment to development in the country earned him the award of the Member of the Order of the Niger (MON).

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