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Avoid “Woman on Top Avoid Missionary Style. See what Science Warns about them

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Woman on Top Avoid Missionary Style

Woman on Top Avoid Missionary Style and two others. 2 Popular Bedroom Positions and 2 others that are Dangerous.

Recently, there has been a controversial topic raised by a popular Church leader. It was a form of advice and instruction. Although to his members and followers but it spread beyond these circles.


It is about the issue of bedroom position and how husband and wife should drive motor inside their bedrooms.


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Coming to Christians or religious views on who should be on top, it says man must be on top. I must also state here that the issue of who should be on top in the bedroom is not strange to me.

I am not talking based on what the popular Nigerian pastor said recently on the matter. As a young girl, I have attended many teachings and Christian marriage seminars.

It says Missionary style should be the style Christian couples should practice. Sincerely speaking, there are just a few Christians who abide by this since there is nowhere in the Bible where the instruction was strictly given.

Since this issue is a delicate one and it is something people do in a closed-door, no believer has openly criticized this teaching. But that is not the case now.

Science has warned that both the missionary and the woman on top and two other bedroom motor driving positions are dangerous for you. See How.

Woman on Top Avoid Missionary Style

Woman onTop Avoid Missionary Style

Woman on Top

In a research study made and published in the  US National Institute of Health, it says that “Woman on Top puts most men’s Cucumber in danger. According to the study, it is because sometimes, there is not enough lubrication.

When there is no lubrication and the woman is doing sitting and standing on the Cucumber (remember, I am borrowing words to avoid penalty), it makes the Cucumber sore. Thereby giving the man injury.

The force of the “in and out” can also lead to injury. When a woman is on top, she usually controls her movement with her entire body weight, which can also be dangerous if not done right.

Missionary Position

This style is said to be the most boring style. But for Christian couples, it is the best and the only recommended and acceptable style.

But even this most boring position can leave a man with the most horrific Cucumber injury. This claim was validated in an article in NZ Herald.


In the article, the Brazilian researchers noted how 21% of penile fractures occurred when a man was trying to climax while on top of his partner. In case you don’t know, a Penile fracture is a tear of the rubbery sheath of tissue below the skin of a man’s cucumber.

This rubbery tissue is what allows the cucumber to increase in width and length. And it is responsible for producing a firm “Cucumber standing up”.

Meanwhile, the above is for the men. What about the women? Does Missionary method pose any danger to them?

Yes. It does.

When a man in complete control of the speed and power of each “in and out”, this can lead to a man hitting the CPU bone without intending to. That is, train, failing the control, and veering from the rail track (eeshii!!!).

Bingo (Dog) Style

Bingo style is yet another bedroom position that poses some dangers for people who practice it. According to physical therapist Kristi Latham, who is the founder of Beyond Therapy and Wellness, “CPU” tearing can occur if there is forceful penetration at the wrong angle, so position adjustments might be necessary.

Please, when I say CPU, I mean to say a woman’s pot of honey. I mean the private part that begins with the letter V and ends with the letter A.

Additionally, do**y or bingo-style and many other styles related to it can also cause things to enter places that weren’t ready for them. I mean, the train may fail break, and veer towards “Anus Streets”, etc. Reverse Cowgirl

Have you heard of this bedroom position? You’re sitting on top of him and leaning back with your hands on his chest instead of leaning forward. It says this style of driving your motor could be dangerous.

A study from US National Center for Biotechnology Information states that, like an elbow or knee, the standing Cucumber can be hyper-extended if you put too much or frequent downward pressure on the shaft.

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels

The Summary on Woman on Top Avoid Missionary Style

From all we have seen regarding all of these styles, there is no short route to Aba from the East. All the roads are dangerous. You just have to apply caution on the kind of route you want to apply.

Both the Cucumber and the CPU need safety during the ride.