How to Use Ogbonno hard Seed to Ripen Plantain in less than 48 Hours

With Ogbonno Hard Seed, Your Plantains Will Ripen In Less Than 48 Hours

There are many ways to make unripe foods like bananas and plantain to ripe very quickly. This is known as induced ripping.

I have known one method that is healthy, safe and the quickest in giving the desired result in inducing ripping in plantains. Apart from making the plantain to ripe very fast, it also gives smooth ripe.

Unsafe Methods of Inducing Plataintain to Ripe

There are two other methods that are popular in inducing plantain to ripe. One of them is the use of calcium carbide. Plantain sellers add carbide to their plantain to make them ripe very quickly.

They stack the plantain in a sack bag and add some quantity of carbide inside the bag. This will heat the bag up and force the plantain to ripen. This method as we know is said to be unhealthy to the body.

The chemical toxins of the calcium carbide are said to be deposited in the plantains. So, when we consume plantains that were induced to ripe using carbide, we are also consuming the substance.

Another method of inducing plantain to ripe that is popular is the use of detergent. Most plantain and banana sellers make use of this method.

The only advantage this method has over the use of calcium carbide is that plantains or banana ripe through this method are very clean, smooth, and attractive. Carbide-ripe plantains are always darkened as they are ripe as if it has spoiled.

The users of detergent pour enough detergent into the water and soak the plantains in the water before putting it in the sack bag.

Inducing Your Plantain To Ripe Using Ogbonno Hard Seed

This is the safest way I have known to induce plantain to ripe. It is very easy and simple to use. It makes plantain to ripe in less than 48 hours. Not only that, but your plantains also remain pure yellow, and fresh, darkening, or roughening are absent with this method.

Just put your unripe plantains inside a sack bag or pot. Get two or three dry Ogbonno, the ones that are not broken, and put in them and cover. Go back and check it after 24 hours and see wonders.

Ogbonno seed is gotten from bush mango fruit. This bush mango fruit has a hard seed inside. The hard seed is what is needed in preserving plantain. You will get your soup ogbonno seed when you crack the bush mango’s a hard seed.

Meanwhile, the best form of plantains or bananas is the ones that ripe naturally. Those are the ones that are allowed to rip on their own without any additives or inducement. But in the case where it refuses to rip, Ogbonno hard seed remains the best method to induce ripping.

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