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7 Ways to Know a Woman’s True Age even with Makeup

7 Ways to Know a Woman’s True Age even with Makeup

Permit me to cross the boundary here and do the unusual. I wish to write on tips on How to find out the true age of a woman by looking at her. 7 Ways to Know a Woman’s True Age even with Makeup. In the post, I will be showing you the Parts of a Woman’s Body that Tell her true Age even with Makeup.

7 Ways to Know a Woman's True Age even with Makeup
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Some men may conceal their true age for political, office, or business reasons. Other than that, men are always free to discuss their real age with boldness, without the feeling of guilt.Why do many women hide their age? Why is it that when it comes to age on women’s side, it is always, “sweet 16, I am +1? The trending phrase now is; “age is just but a number”.

Yes. We agree. Age is just but a number. But, why is it difficult for some women to reveal their true ages?

The answer is simple. Women are afraid of aging. We are afraid to be addressed as old women. Every woman wants to remain every year young. So, revealing the true age will deprive them of the sweet 16 titles.

In the time past, whether we tell our true age or not. There are some parts of women’s bodies that reveal their true age. Merely looking at a woman’s face and hair will tell you the age of the woman. But things have taken a new shape. We are now in the age of aesthetic and heavy make-up.

7 Ways to Know a Woman’s True Age even with Makeup

People always say that the 30s are the years of counting the wrinkles. What it means is that once a woman crosses 30 years, she will begin to count her wrinkles as the years advance. As a woman begins to advance in age, wrinkles, dark shade, eye bags, barren eyelids, and gray hair become visible features.


But with the kind of make-up trending now, you can hardly tell and distinguish a daughter from a mother if you didn’t look closely. The wrinkles are buried with the foundation the way cement buried the sand on the floor.

No need to look out for the barren or wrinkled eyelashes, the artificial eyelashes are always sitting on them. Do not bother about the true colour of the hair, it can be tinted or have wigs on them always.


A woman may conceal her true age with facial make-up but there are other ways of finding out her true age from her body.

The Parts of Women’s Bodies that Tell their true Age

  • Her Elbow

Image credit: Google (under 20).

This is one of the parts of the woman’s body that reveal her true age. No matter how heavy and deceiving a make-up is, this very part will always be there to tell the age brackets.

From the elbow of a woman, you can tell who is 20 or 30. Through the elbow, you can dictate who has advanced to 40 or 50. At this age, the skin on the elbow begins to fold and tuck in. In some cases for chubby ladies, it becomes dimp.

(The point on the women’s elbow that folds, dimps or tucks in with age).


Many women are aware of this but some are. The smart ones are conscious about it and are always covering them. This is why sleeve designers are constant choices for such women.

Although some ladies love sleeves wears, others are covering or hiding something. They are hiding their true age.

7 Ways to Know a Woman’s True Age even with Makeup

  • The Back of Her Ankle

I have noticed that once a woman crosses the age of 30, the back of her ankle begins to shrink and tuck in.

Smarts guys are aware of this. I have been in a place where guys debated on the true age of their girlfriends. The other was insisting that her girlfriend is around twenty-something.

Other boys were trying to prove him wrong. They told him to look at the lady’s back of the ankle. They pointed that her ankles are already deep and wrinkled.

  • Her fingers

From merely looking at the hands and fingers of a lady, you can dictate her age.

Makeup does not conceal this one. The age of a woman reflects on her hands and fingers. I have always passed the test of distinguishing between a mother and a daughter. It is very simple. I look at their hands and fingers and spot the differences.

(The fingers of a young girl) Image credit: Google.

The older women’s fingers tend to bend as they advance in age.

It is no big deal. Just look at their hands and fingers. As the age of a woman advances, it affects the hands and the fingers.

7 Ways to Know a Woman’s True Age even with Makeup

  • The Varicose Veins

Although some people tend to have more visible varicose veins on their hands, age is a major factor that makes the varicose veins more pronounced and visible in a woman.


  • The Little bumps on the Toe

7 Ways to Know a Woman's True Age even with Makeup

Look out for this sign on the feet of a woman. No one can explain accurately what gives a woman this little bump on the toes. Many people say it is a result of wearing tight cover shoes for a long time.

This could be the reason. But this little bump cannot be seen on the toes of girls who are below the age of 30.

If you want to know a woman who has crossed the age of 30, look at her toes and check for the little bumps.

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