Zip code and Postal Code for the 36 States in Nigeria

Zip code and Postal Code for the 36 States in Nigeria.

Zip code and Postal Code for the 36 States in Nigeria. Enugu – 400001; Gombe – 760001; Imo – 460001. In case you are among those who are confused about the difference between zip code and postal code, read them here.


What is Enugu Postal and Zip Code?

Full Nigeria postal code list for all 36 states

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I  never gave a thought to this topic until my daughter who is in senior secondary returned from school yesterday and asked for the Zipcode for Enugu State.

Zip code for Enugu? Do I even know it? Does the state have zip codes? Do you know the zip codes for your state? Does it mean the same thing with postal?

Don’t bother to crack your head or searching further. You are in the right place. I have all the answers here. I have compiled all the zipcodes and postal codes for the 36 states in Nigeria

The postcode is a certain indicator one uses to deliver mail, parcels, and big packages to the right place.

Usually, people use postal codification and zip codes for handling deliveries and mail. The problem is that countries like the USA use only zip codes while the other ones use postal codes. Furthermore, in some countries like Nigeria, these two code types mean the same thing.

That is, when you are asked to provide a zip code in any of the Nigerian states, it means the same as postal codes. But in America, there is no postal code. They make use of zip codes.

At present, the post departments receive plenty of parcels. Each of them requires correct shipping and proper attention. How do the workers manage to cope with a considerable flow of mail without being confused? Is it magic? What is Nigeria’s postal code for 36 states?

Zip code and Postal Code for the 36 States in Nigeria

What is then is Postal code?

A postal code is a helping tool that allows post offices to deal with parcel delivery by the address correctly. According to, postal code is defined as a sequence that includes digits and letters, which is a part of an address of mail delivery.

Here is the list of Nigeria combinations for all its states and FCT:


  • Abia – 440001
  • Adamawa – 640001
  • Akwa Ibom – 520001
  • Anambra – 420001
  • Bauchi – 740001
  • Bayelsa – 561001
  • Benue – 970001
  • Borno – 600001

  • Cross River – 540001
  • Delta – 320001
  • Ebonyi – 840001
  • Edo – 300001
  • Ekiti – 360001
  • Enugu – 400001
  • Gombe – 760001
  • Imo – 460001

  • Jigawa – 720001
  • Kaduna – 700001
  • Kano – 800001
  • Katsina – 820001
  • Kebbi – 860001
  • Kogi – 260001
  • Kwara – 240001
  • Lagos (mainland/island) – 100001/101001

  • Nasarawa – 962001
  • Niger – 920001
  • Ogun – 110001
  • Ondo – 340001
  • Osun – 230001
  • Oyo – 200001
  • Plateau – 930001
  • Rivers – 500001

  • Sokoto – 840001
  • Taraba – 660001
  • Yobe – 320001
  • Zamfara – 860001
  •  (FCT) — 900001

Full meaning of Zipcode: Zip Codification. ZIP stands for Z: Zone; I= Improvement;  P = Plan code. The Nigerian postal or Zipcode has 6 digit numbers. The first three stand for the regional set of numbers (district for the outgoing sorting) while the second three digits denote the delivery location (urban area or post office).

Summary on Zip code and Postal Code for the 36 States in Nigeria

Finally, remember, when next, someone asks you about your state postal or Zipcode, know that he or she means the same thing. Here in Nigeria, the notions mean the same.

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