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EndTime! See A Letter Of Threat Sent By A Man To His Church To Refund All His Offerings Or Face Legal Suit

Wonders shall never end. When you think you have heard it all, you will hear another one. This is about a Kenyan man who wrote to the Pastors of his Church. He wrote a letter to a church where he has been worshipping from 1997 to 2018, demanding to be refunded of all the offerings and financial contributions he has made to the church.

From the letter, it appears he stopped worshiping in the church in 2018. He said that all the money he gave was done under undue influence, duress, and intimidation. This is the excerpt from the letter;

”I hereby demand reimbursement of all the monies I contributed to the church while I was a member from the year 1997 to 2018. This is approximately 50,000.00KEs from my estimated calculation.

I confirm that the contributions were not voluntary and blame this on undue influence, duress, and intimidation (If you do not give offering, you will go to hell). Kindly deposit the amount in my bank account enclosed with this letter and not letter than 31st November 2020. Failure to pay the stipulated amount before the said date shall prompt legal proceedings.

Yours Sincerely,

Dishon Kinyanjui Kinuthia.”

The letter was written on the 30th of October. The name of the church as seen in the letter is Revival Mission Church, Lower Kabete, Kenya. We are yet to hear from the said church at the time of filing this report.

I think the man who wrote the letter is fighting a lost case. What do you think?

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