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Girls, Can You Do This Job? Posing With A Stranger Who Is Not Your Husband In A Wedding Pictures

I can do anything to earn money as long as it does not go against my faith and belief. But there are some jobs offer I can never accept no matter the amount of pay my employer is ready to offer. One of those jobs is posing in the photograph in a wedding gown with a stranger. That is, posing for wedding shot with a male stranger.

Some people will quickly jump to conclusions and opine that there is nothing wrong with the job. I know that there is nothing wrong with the job. But I want you to wait and know what the picture will be used for.

If it is just to pose in a photograph with a man who is a total stranger and it will end in the studio, I may consider it. But to think that my photograph is for sale makes me go crazy. I have seen couples of these make-believe photographs done by my friend, I can’t help but shudder.

One of my friends looked so real in the photo. The romantic look and cuddling look real. I mean, oh boy, won’t the photographs scare suitors away, thinking she has something with the strangers?

Take a look at these photos. What do you think? Can you do the job for money?

My sisters, can you pose this way for money? Just forget. Me, I no fit.

**Image credit: #Chimdindu Okafor via Facebook.

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