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Pyrates Confraternity (National Association of Seadogs) – Meaning and All You should Know 

 Who are Pyrates Confraternity – Meaning and All You Need to Know

Reactions have trailed the viral video on the social media by the Pyrates Confraternity during their street giration in one of the cities of Nigeria. They were heard chanting a mockery song against the APC Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu “Emilekan”. Pyrates Confraternity – Meaning and All You Need to Know.

In one of the news headlines, it was capped: “Pyrates Confraternity: National Association of Seadogs Mock Tinubu, Says ‘Baba Wey No Well Dey Shout Emilokan”.

Who are Pyrates Confraternity Group?

According to Wikipedia, the National Association of Seadogs, popularly known as the Pyrates Confraternity, is a confraternity organization in Nigeria that is nominally University-based. The founders are: Wole Soyinka, Nathaniel Oyelola, Pius Oleghe…

The group was founded in 1952 by the “Magnificent Seven” to support for human rights and social justice in Nigeria. The fraternity which its headquarter is located in Nigeria was Founded in October 1952, Motto: Against all moribund conventions with Symbol; Skull & Cross Bones

Mr Abiola Owoaje, the group Leader, at a press conference in Lagos on Monday, reacted on the viral video. Pyrates Confraternity – Meaning and All You Need to Know.

Abiola Owoaje, the leader of the group known as the Pyrates Confraternity, stated that they have no political affiliation and do not support any candidate. The video is ‘Unfair characterization’ according to him.

The statement came after a video surfaced a few days ago showing members dressed in their traditional red and white attire chanting a song about a presidential candidate whose “hands and feet are shaking, yet he is saying ‘it is my turn.'”


Pyrates Confraternity Song, ‘Baba Wey No Well Dey Shout Emilokan” Video


Pyrates Confraternity Song, ‘Baba Wey No Well Dey Shout Emilokan” – Owoaje and Wole Soyinka React:

The song was written in response to Mr Tinubu’s public outburst in Abeokuta last June, when he told members of his party that “it is my turn to be president.”

However, during the press conference, Mr. Owoaje informed journalists that the original program had been canceled so we can “deal with issues that are fast rising within the public space.” Pyrates Confraternity – Meaning and All You Need to Know.

“We must stress that we are apolitical, as an organisation. We have never had a preferred candidate in any political elections including the forthcoming 2023 general elections,”

“In the last 48 hours, our attention has been drawn to a viral video of a song that has raised concerns and commentary across Nigeria. For the avoidance of doubt, between August 4 and August 6, 2022, the National Association of Seadogs Pyrates Confraternity were in Ikeja, Lagos, for our 46th Annual General Meeting,” Mr Owoaje began at the press conference, where he said he would not be fielding questions from the reporters.

“This event was attended by over 2,000 of our members who came to Lagos from all over the world. As part of the activities, we were at Isheri Primary Health Centre on Thursday the 4th of August where we provided free medical services to the Isheri community. Over 300 people were assisted with various forms of medical treatment. Pyrates Confraternity – Meaning and All You Need to Know.

“We were also at the Police Hospital at Area F, Ikeja, where we donated substantial quantities of personal protective equipment and other medical supplies. This is part of our NAS medical mission, which was founded in 2012.

“In the 11 years since then, we have organized over 50 free medical missions that have made a difference to many disadvantaged communities across Nigeria.”

He said their AGM, which typically includes briefing the media about the group’s advocacy, humanitarian, and operational activities for the year, “proceeded without event until this extremely limited video made its appearance.”

“Quite contrary to the manner in which certain aspects of the video are being portrayed, no aspect of this procession or the event itself was political. Rather it was a typical climax of our annual general meeting.


Who are Pyrates Confraternity – Meaning and All You Need to Know

“At no time in the history of this organisation has this event or indeed any of our events has any slanted political leanings. Let it be known that the national association of seadogs pyrates confraternity does not mock or discriminate against the physical condition of any person.

“It is an unfair characterization and offends everything that we stand for. Indeed, this could cause offence to even our own members that are also unfortunately afflicted that this would never be condoned.

“We have members who belong to different political parties and are absolutely free to support any candidate of their choice. It is most unfortunate that political capital is being made of this, with interpretations that are totally at variance with the philosophy of the Pyrates Confraternity. Unequivocally, we condemn this in very strong terms.”

“We understand that political merchants, desperately seeking media mileage are all over the place misinforming and twisting events to suit their political agenda.” the group leader said.
Meanwhile, Mr Wole Soyinka, the cofounder has reacted to the song, tagging it “distasteful” In a “interim statement” issued on Monday, Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, co-founder of the Pyrates

Confraternity, called the video “distasteful.”

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Is Pyrates Confraternity a Cult?

Yes. Confraternity means ‘a cult’. National Association of Seadogs (NAS) can be grouped as a cult. Although the group claims the activities of the fraternity is uplifting and promoting social and societal justice the title still gives them out as cultists.

However, Pyrates Confraternity has made claimed and won severally even in the court that they are not cultists. “NAS does not subscribe to any activity which is illegal, violent or operates outside of the law,” said Profesor Olatunde Makanju, the former president of Seadogs in 2007.

Recall that in 2020, a High Court in Port Harcourt, Rivers state capital, ruled that the National Association of Seadogs, also known as the Pyrate Confraternity, is not a secret cult and should not be treated as such by state authorities.

In a suit filed by the trustees of the association against the Rivers state government, the State House of Assembly, and the state Attorney General for including the name of the group as number 63 in the schedule of the Rivers State Secret Cult and Similar Activities (Prohibition) Amendment law of 2018, the judge ruled that the respondents should not have included the name of the group due to an earlier judgment in Suit NO PHGC/1701/2005 between the association and Attorney
Following the appellant’s and respondents’ requests, the case’s sitting judge, Justice A. Enebeli, ordered that the name of the association be removed from the state schedule.Enebeli issued a ‘perpetual injunction’ in his judgment, prohibiting the respondents in the suit from including the name of the association in subsequent amendments by the state government.

He also stated that the respondents or any of their agents are not permitted to interfere with the seadogs’ activities or seize any of the group’s property.

National Association of Seadogs (NAS) has continued to condemn its portrayal in the media as a cult group.

‘what’s my own? if dem say dem no be cult group, naim e be say them no be cult group nah’# Pyrates Confraternity – Meaning and All You Need to Know.

Is Mr Peter Obi a Member of Pyrates Confraternity?

No! Mr Peter Obi is not a member of pyrates Confraternity aka National Association of Seadogs. This claim was made public by his media aid who spoke on his behalf.