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Fashion Styles Quiz 

Fashion Styles Quiz

Every one chooses styles of their clothes but not everyone knows the rules and the dogs and donuts of fashion. We have posted 10 fashion styles quiz here to help you make good choices of your Fashion styles when next you’re going out for an occasion.

Your wardrobe gives a glimpse of who we are and explains what we represent. When picking out one’s wardrobe and range of outfits it should explain what truly interests you and what line of clothing is your go-to attire. Read also: Ankara Top Styles in Vogue for the Fashionistas One needs to understand their sense of style this will help them when buying dresses or sewing any fabric. Fashion Styles Quiz.

 Finding your sense of style can take years or months for some people they build their wardrobe based on interests and already established fashion styles of other people. In this article, I will be listing some fashion style quizzes for fashionistas to take.

Fashion Styles Quiz
Choosing a style might be difficult especially if you’re a lover of all styles and trends. A fashion style quiz focuses on identifying your fashion style. The purpose of this is for individuals to be able to focus on styles that fit their personality and person and stop putting on different wears. For example for a footballer you’ll find more sneakers, joggers, and shorts in their wardrobe likewise for a tomboy you’ll find more jeans, round necks, shirts, dresses, jackets, baggy clothes, and many more.

Fashion Styles Quiz

Knowing your fashion style can also help other people to look up to you and be encouraged by your style too. Defining your style type gives you a good insight into where you begin it’s a way to uncover and determine appropriate and inappropriate attire for you. It also helps to open up on the existing fashion styles and directions for you to follow. The quiz goes across every aspect of fashion from colors, to basic, chic, and classy wear. People usually get confused about fashion but asking yourself personal questions and understanding what occasions and events and your current employment status also help to select your fashion styles.

Fashion Styles Quiz

This quiz will explore the various aspect of fashion and styling and help. Every individual picks out their day-to-day dress and outfits. Below are some questions that you should answer.

Fashion Styles Quiz

1. In identifying your style you should know what your personality is like. However, this is a question that needs to be asked, what’s your personality?
a. Simple, laid back
b. Conventional and creative
c. Bold and open-minded
d. Sophisticated and trendy
e. Confident and outgoing
2. What color best describes you? When you open your wardrobe what are the colors of clothes you will mostly find.
a. Mild colors
b. Rainbow colors

c. Black and White

Fashion Styles Quiz

3. What’s your idea of having fun? This is important to know if you’re more of an introvert or extrovert this contributes to your manner of selecting any clothing.
a. Clubbing or partying
b. Having a fancy dinner with a partner
c. Staying indoors to watch movies
d. Hanging out with friends
e. Working
4. What’s your favorite type of outfit?
a. Jeans and top
b. Sexy gown
c. Corporate wears
d. Baggy styles
e. Joggers and shirts
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5. Which Style would you rather go for when going out?
a. Casual
b. Formal

c. Classy and chic

Fashion Styles Quiz
6. What jewelry would you combine with your attire?
a. Pearls
b. Simple chain or bold jewelry
c. Hoop earrings
d. Stud earrings

e. Bracelet and wristwatches

7. Where do you shop for your clothes?
a. Thrift stores
b. Designers clothes
c. Roadside shops
d. Market place.
8. How do you enjoy shopping for your clothes?
a. Online shopping

b. Physical shopping

9. What kind of shoes is your everyday go-to style?
a. Sandals
b. Sneakers
c. Heels
d. Fancy slippers

e. Boots

10. What scent do you go for when going out?
a. Floral
b. Fruity
c. Heavy scents
d. Oriental

In Conclusion:

By the end of this article, you will understand better your style and how much you need to upgrade your wardrobe. This quiz has buttressed the numerous aspects and sides to fashion and dressing in general as a man or a lady. Fashion is generally about how one dresses on a daily and what your wardrobe looks like. Many times we don’t it difficult to select a proper outfit when going for an outing this will be minimized when you understand your style.