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Bible Study Outline 2021 17 October Anglican Communion

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Bible Study Outline 2021 17 October Anglican

Bible Study Outline 2021 17 October Anglican.



20th Sunday in Trinity

Bible Study October 17, 2021


SUB-THEME 7: The Lord God of all nations (2)

TOPIC: God: The owner of all nations

TEXTS: Psalms 24: 1-5; 33:12

AIM: To understand that God is the Creator and Maintainer of the universe and will judge everybody for what they have done in their lives.

INTRODUCTION: God is the Creator of all nations (Ps. 24: 1-2). He created the earth and all its peoples, and he maintains them all. to Him the earth belongs – the physical earth and the people are His by creation and maintenance. God is holy, moral, ethical, and righteous. Therefore, people are also morally and ethically responsible and must make moral choices. Judgments are an integral part of the redemptive history as seen in the fall of man (Gen. 3: 14- 19), the Flood (6: 5-7) and others. The Bible therefore call God’s judgments “righteous” and “true” (Ps. 19: 9), impartial (Rom. 2: 11), perfect (Ps. 19: 7), and complete (Rev. 15: 1).


1. Explain what you understand as ‘The Lord God of all nations’ and compare that with Ps. 24: 1-2).

2. How did God bring the universe into existence? Gen. 1: 3-24; Ps. 33: 6; Heb. 11: 3

3. If God is for all nations, how then can God be seen as not being in favor of one nation and not of another in the Bible? Isaiah 45:20-23; 59: 1-8.

4. Knowing the faithfulness of God, how can Christians help people escape the wrath of God? Ezra 8:21-23; Jer. 36:9; Acts 12:5-9.

CONCLUSION: God did not only create the universe but has dominion over the whole earth and all who dwell in it. And because He is just and faithful, He will hold everybody accountable for the way they live their lives.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: By might and power God brought the universe into existence.

MEMORY VERSE- Psalms 24:1 “The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein”.


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21st Sunday in Trinity October 24, 2021


SUB-THEME 7: The Lord God of all nations (3)

TOPIC: His Preference for Egypt

TEXTS: Gen. 42: 1-3; 46: 1-4; Matt. 2: 13-15

AIMS:  i. to show how God preferred Egypt to all nations for prosperity and

ii. to appraise God’s justice in dealing with all people

INTRODUCTION: Egypt is a country in the North-East of Africa. While there was famine all over the world, God was gracious to Egypt and blessed her with abundance- Gen 12:10; Gen 42:1-3; and it was in Egypt God made Israel into a nation. Gen 46:2-3. Egypt was God’s rescue land for Baby Jesus-Matt 2:13-23. Why then, did Egypt fall out of God’s preference?


1. From the texts, explain in your own words your understanding of ‘God’s preference for Egypt’.

2. Why did God prefer Egypt? Gen. 15: 12-14; 42: 1-3; Ex 19:5; Psalm 24:1.

3. How can you explain God’s preference to use Egypt for the preservation of the covenant line? Gen. 41: 29-32; 45: 3-8; Matt. 2: 13-15. How can God prefer Nigeria of our generation?

4. How did Egypt fall out of God’s preference and what was God’s judgment over her? Ex 1:8-16; Ex 3:7; 5:2; Lev 18:3; Ezek. 23: 19-21; 29: 10-16. What lesson can we learn from this?

CONCLUSION: God being no respecter of any man or nation preferred Egypt in all splendor and at the same time, judged her when she fell out of favor with Him. Nevertheless, Egypt was restored, though not again as strong as she had previously been.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A godly nation is preferred for blessing by God and an ungodly nation is punished by God.

MEMORY VERSE– Gen. 46: 3 “So He said, “I am God, the God of your father; do not fear to go down to Egypt, for I will make of you a great nation there.”