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No More Argument! See 3 Reasons Why Davido can Claim Chioma’s Son, Ifeanyi

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3 Reasons Why Davido can Claim Chioma’s Son, Ifeanyi

Can Davido Adeleke claim Traditional and Legitimate Ownership of Ifeanyi? Yes. See 3 Reasons Why Davido can Claim Chioma’s Son, Ifeanyi.

Davido carrying Ifeanyi Adeleke

There are arguments on social media groups about the rightful owner of Davido’s son from Chioma. As in, who does the child belong to? I never said anything in any of such groups, seeing many people arguing blindly.

People in the position to argue or make comments over this issue are those who are from Igbo and who understand Igbo tradition and culture. Other than that, every other person is doing guesswork and blind argument.

It is no longer new that Davido and Chioma are no longer together. The once worshipped relationship has hit the rock and wrecked. It is no longer “Assurance” Chioma is now listed as one of Davido’s baby Mamas.

Sources have rumored that Davido and lovers have parted ways long before the media began to carry the news. Someone also said that Chioma had parked her belongings out of Davido’s house since last year.

And last month, the rumor was confirmed when Chioma’s followers noticed she has deleted all Davido’s pictures on her social media pages, leaving behind the ones with their son, Ifeanyi.

3 Reasons Why Davido can Claim Chioma’s Son, Ifeanyi

In Igbo culture, no man has the right to claim a child who is born outside wedlock. That is, brideprice wasn’t paid on the head of the mother before she gave birth.

Also, in a typical Igbo tradition, any woman who is pregnant before brideprice is paid on her head will have her child for her father. That is, when she gives birth, she will leave the baby behind to bear her father’s name.

Where I come from, in Nnewi, in a typical traditional home, it is forbidden for a brideprice to be paid on the head of a woman who is pregnant already, whether it is the person responsible for the pregnancy or not.

The traditional seldom talk; “anaghi eke nwayi n’afo ime” covers the belief. Meaning, a woman cannot be carried out with the unborn child. They go ahead to argue that it one person that should be carried out and not 2 as the case may be.

However, things have evolved over time. That tradition no longer cares whether the woman is already full or not. What matters is the man doing the needful before she gives birth.

Davido Marriage to Chioma

In the case of Chioma and Davido Adeleke, the same tradition is applicable. If Chioma’s bride price was paid by Davido before she gave birth to Ifeanyi, the son is rightfully his.

Even if the marriage does not hold in the future, the child belongs to the man. It is also in the tradition that if the man decides to return the bride price he paid on the head of his wife anytime, he still claims the full ownership of the offspring from the union.

Many people have argued that Chioma was not married properly by Davido. Excuse me! That is a lie.

Igbo tradition recognizes paying dowry on the head of a woman as a method of getting married to a woman. As long as bride price or dowry has been paid and collected, marriage rite has taken place.

So, whether Davido has returned the bride price of Chioma to her family in Imo State or not, there was once a marriage recognized by the Igbo tradition between them. Davido has the full right of the ownership of the child born in that union.

However, in the case the father rejects the mother and the child, Igbo tradition permits the woman to return home with the child and nurture. When the child grows into maturity, the girl-child will get married (most times, the marriage is done in the legitimate’s father’s place).

If the offspring is a male child, he will return to his father’s place to be given land where he will build his own house. He may then decides to bring his mother back home (second marriage) and makes her lives in his own house.

So, Who does Ifeanyi Belong to; Davido or Chioma?

Ifeanyi Adeleke (Chioma’s Son

The answer is very simple. You just need to answer two questions to get the answer.

One, did Davido pay bride price or dowry on Chioma’s head? Two, did Davido pay the bride price on Chioma’s head before she gave birth to Ifeanyi?

If the answer to these two questions is yes then, there is no need to argue further. Ifeanyi Adeleke belongs to Davido Adeleke. No more argument.

That reminds me, the Nigerian popular ace music artist is smart. He made proper consultation. So, he made a swift move to pay Chioma’s dowry before she gave birth to their son so he can claim the rightful owner of the child.

3 Reasons Why Davido can Claim Chioma’s Son, Ifeanyi

  •  Davido paid Chioma’s bride price.

According to a media source, Davido officially paid Chioma’s bride price on the 3rd of September 2019 in her hometown in Imo State.

  • Davido Adeleke paid the bride price on the head of Chioma before she put to bed.
  • Igbo Tradition does not support taking back the child or the children of a man who has paid the bride price on the head of the mother who gave birth to them.

Even if such marriage does not hold in the future, the tradition can only return the bride price paid on the head of their daughter and take back their daughter. Igbo tradition and culture does not take or claim ownership of the offspring of the marriage.

The Summary on 3 Reasons Why Davido can Claim Chioma’s Son, Ifeanyi

The discussion is on the argument whether Davido has the legitimate and traditional right to claim Chioma’s son, Ifeanyi. We said yes. He is the rightful owner of the Ifeanyi.

We also provided three reasons to defend why Davido can claim Chioma’s son since the relationship has hit the rock. Please, don’t forget to share and follow us by subscribing to our notification.