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2 Weeks to the Deadline for SIM Cards Link to NIN, FG Gives fresh Order

FG Gives Fresh Order on Deadline for SIM Cards Link to NIN

FG Gives Fresh Order on Deadline for SIM Cards Link to NIN. It is now 2 Weeks to the Deadline given by the federal government of Nigeria for the phone users to register and link their SIM Cards to NIN. But there is yet a fresh order.

If you are yet to register for your National Identity Number for Your SIM Card linking, this fresh order is for you. The federal government has maintained its ground and given fresh orders for the last date of the registering and the linking. There is also a penalty for defaulters.

FG Gives Fresh Order on Deadline for SIM Cards Link to NIN
SIM cards and NIN Linking in Nigeria 2021

-As the deadline approaches for the disconnection of unlinked SIM Cards by Network providers, FG gives fresh orders to NIMC

-Federal Government orders Telecommunication Operators and private Companies to provide NIN to subscribers


Federal Government has made a u-turn in their earlier directive about the issuance of the National Identity Number (NIN) to the citizens. Telecommunication companies have been licensed to register people who are yet to be issued NIN.

This new order was said to be given to reduce a large number of crowds at the offices of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). This was made known to the public on Tuesday, January 26 by the Director-General of NIMC, Aliyu Aziz. What this means is that subscribers can now go to their various network providers and get their SIM Cards registered.

According to Punch News, other private companies have also been licensed to register and link SIM Cards to NIN.


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