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Drink Corn Silk Tea and say goodbye to these Diseases in your Body

How to use Cornsilk to Cure Stomach Ulcers and other Diseases

In today’s post, we are going to discuss the amazing healing properties of cornsilk. Yes, I mean the corn chaff that we throw away or burn in the fire. My younger siblings called it Corn-beared when they were young. This post is about How to use Cornsilk to Cure Stomach Ulcers and other Diseases.


Corn-silk is the inner grey part of corn which contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber but people regard it as wastes. Research reveals that it also contains chemicals that might work like water pills (diuretics), and it might alter blood sugar levels, and help reduce inflammation.

How to use Cornsilk to Cure Stomach Ulcers and other Diseases
Cornsilk tea

Corn silk or corn ‘bear bear’, as the children use to call it is the part of the corn that people regard as the throwaway. We are yet to know the usefulness of corn silk. Most people do not know that this part of the corn is edible. It can be used for your tea and it is highly medicinal.

In this article, we shall discuss how to prepare corn silk to be used as tea and teach the health benefits of drinking it.


  • Corn silks can be used as plain tea.
  • It can also be served as herbal tea.
  • It can be added with other natural leaves to make a herbal concoction.
  • Corn silks are natural remedies for stomach aches and ulcers. It is not limited to ulcer treatment. There are other ailments that can be combated or prevented using corn silk.
  •  Cornsilk for tea, treatment, and the prevention of illnesses.
  • It is good for the stomach.



How to use Cornsilk to Cure Stomach Ulcers and other Diseases; carried out researches on the use of corn-silk for the treatment of stomach ulcers. This is the findings of the study;

“We study 62,196 people who take Corn silk or have a Stomach ulcer. No report of Stomach ulcer is found in people who take Corn-silk”.

This report by ehealthMe was based on a report from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This report is updated regularly.

Another online source states that drinking corn silk tea is an old practice in China and America.

“Corn silk is an important herb which is traditionally being used by the Chinese, and Americans to treat various diseases. Made from the waste, its market is expanding globally”. (Rural

Therefore, corn silk has been proven to be used as a remedy to certain diseases in our bodies. It can also be used as both curative and preventive medicine.

Parts Of A Corn

Corn has 4 parts. They are:

The Husk: This is the cover of the corn seeds. The Husk is made up of different layers of leaves like the cover. It is not edible but it can be cooked with corn. It gives the corn a special flavor when cooked together.

Kernels: Another part of the corn is called the Kernel. The Kernels are the corn seeds as they are laid on the cob. The Kernels are what we eat from the corn.

Silks: The third part is the Silk which is what we are discussing in this article.

When I was a child, I called this part of a corn “Corn bear bear”; meaning corn beard. As a child, I thought that corn grows bears.



Corn Cob: The last part of the corn is the corn cob. Corn cob is the bed where kernels are laid. It is soft but becomes hard with time, especially when it passes through drying processes. People place no value on a corn cob. But it is money.

People have the habit of eating the corn and set the rest of the parts on fire or throw them into the bush, including the silks.

Do not throw the corn silk away anymore. Follow this simple step and learn how to use it as a medicine for your stomach.

How to use Cornsilk to Cure Stomach Ulcers and other Diseases


Steps In Preparing Corn-silk Tea

  • Get fresh corn silk as many as you can.
  • Spread them under room temperature for 48 hours.
  • Pour a full glass cup of clean water into the kettle.
  • Take a handful of the dry silk with a pinch of fingertips.
  • Put in the boiling water and boil for more than 5 minutes.
  • Bring the kettle down and cover tightly for a few minutes. The idea is for the steam to be retained in the tea.
  • Pour back into the glass cup and sip your tea.
  • Corn silk has a plain taste in the mouth but it has a pleasant aroma.

Corn Silk Tea

How to make Corn-silk Herbal Tea

All you need are 4 ingredients. They are; Honey, Pawpaw leaf (ripe and unripe), Ginger, and Corn-silk.

Steps in Preparing it:

  • Put clean water in a kettle
  • Add little pawpaw leaves (a mixture of ripe pawpaw leaf and unripe).
  • Slice a small clove of ginger and put it into the kettle.
  • Add the dry corn silk.
  • Pour four glasses of water and boil for 10 minutes.
  • Bring the pot down and allow it to cool.
  • Pour in a flask and take morning and night.
  • Add 2 spoonfuls of honey into the tea while drinking it.

How to use Cornsilk to Cure Stomach Ulcers and other Diseases

The Sum

Having said all this, we want to state here again that Corn silk is not a waste. It is food and at the same time medicine. You can use it to put and to stomach ulcers.

With it, it is goodbye to burning sensations in the body (inflammation). It can alter blood sugar levels, and help reduce inflammation. In the absence of any illness, you still need cornsilk for the nutritious benefits.