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US ELECTION: If Not These 2 Things, Trump Would Have Won This Election Without Struggles

I am a Trump fan but I am writing as a trained journalist. One of the etiquettes in journalism is providing the people with adequate information and the information may not actually inform if it lacks accuracy. For information to be accurate, the writer should write without prejudice, fear, or favor.

If I have a chance to cast my vote, I will give it to Trump but this will not deter me from saying the truth. The game is changing for Trump, unfavorably. It wouldn’t have been so if not for 2 things. If not for these two things, he would return to the white house without struggles.

  • Trump Downplayed The Severity Of Corovirus In America

There were so many deaths in America during the first outbreak of Covid-19. So many people lost their loved ones. Donald Trump never took it seriously for one day. He always took it as politics and nothing while people kept dying. Those who lost their loved ones are still heartbroken. These are voters.

He had loggerhead with the medics, with the journalists, with the World Health Organization. All these are allies. These too are voters.

  • The Black Live Matters Protests

This is another thing that stages to fight against Trump in this election. In all those periods of the protests against the killings of the blacks by the white corps, Trump never said anything. Unlike him who is always in a haste to speak, he is mute on this issue up till now.

For that, many blacks are beginning to assume or buy the propaganda that Trump is a racist. And that is what it should be. If he could not come out in the public and address the killings and the intimidation of the blacks by the white corps, what do you think? This is one of the things he is struggling with at the election polls today.

If Trump loses today, we may blame it on every other thing but we will not forget these two; the Covid-19 tweets and his unusual silence on the Black live matters protests.

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