You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Career, Net worth

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

Congratulations are pouring in for Ruth Kadiri. She has recently given birth to her second kid. On her Instagram page, the Nollywood actress made the happy announcement that she had given birth to her second child. She stated in a post where she posted photographs of her pregnancy shoot and the birth of her child, “Dear Emerald-Chizaram-Ezerika born on July 20th, 2022,” referring to the date the child will be born.

I want you to know that I prayed for you and that you were included in my prayers. reserved especially for you. I loved you before we even met each other. You have absolutely brought to our attention in our daily life the fact that God does hear our prayers. Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

Who is Ruth Kadiri?

Ruth Kadiri, a native of Edo who was brought up in Benin City, attended Yaba College of Technology for her education in business administration and the University of Lagos for her education in mass communication. Read also:  Abiodun Oropo – Oyinmomo joojo Biography, Age, Death, Wife, Net Worth.

Ruth, an actress who has been in more than 50 films, had her first appearance in a Nollywood production with the film “Boys Cot.”

When Nollywood is mentioned, one of the names that will come to mind is Ruth Kadiri. She is a super-talented Nigerian entertainer, screenwriter, producer, and actress. Ruth Kadiri, a Nigerian actress, smiles for the camera. She made her acting debut in the movie Boys Cot, and she has since appeared in over 100 movies. In Your Arms, Black Bride, Black Men Rock, Love is Beautiful, and Too Old for Love are just a handful of the movies she has starred in.

Ruth Kadiri Bio at Glance:

Real Name:    Ezerika Ruth Kadiri

Date of Birth:    born on March 24, 1988

Place of Birth:     Benin City, Nigeria’s Edo State

State of Residence:  Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria

Age:          34 years old (as of 2021)

Schools:    University of Lagos, Lagos State University, College Yaba College of Technology in Yana, Nigeria educational background National Business Administration Diploma a Bachelor’s in the Profession of Mass Communication Film producer, screenwriter, actress, entertainer, and philanthropist

Nationality:   Nigeria

Tribe:   Igbo

Father:   Desmond Kadiri

Mother’s name:    Unknown

Sister:    Precious Kadiri Ehis (Nollywood actress)

Marital Status:  Married

Husband:   Mr. Ezerika  (2018 to present)

Children Reign Ezerika and Emerald-Chizaram-Ezerika

Net Worth:   $700,000

Social media handle:    Instagram @ruthkadiri Twitter @teamruthkadiri Facebook @RuthKadiriOfficial

Ruth Kadiri Biography

Who is the Nigerian actress Ruth Kadiri? In the Nigerian film industry, Ruth Kadiri is causing a stir. Her excellence is a powerful testament to how diligent she is. The actor spent much of her youth with her mother, even though her mother’s name is not known to the general world. Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

Her father primarily resided and worked outside of Nigeria. Precious Ehis Kadiri is the name of her younger sibling. Sister of Ruth Kadiri is the CEO of Flore Beddings and a well-known Nigerian film producer. Ruth Kadiri is from where? Since Ruth Kadiri was born on March 24, 1988, in Benin City, Edo State, her age as of May 2022 is 34.

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

Ruth Kadiri comes from what tribe?

Despite being a native of Edo State, she has never made her ethnicity known to the general public. Fans, however, believe she is Igbo because that tribe predominates in Edo State. The Esans, Etsako, Owans, Binis, and Akoko Edos are some of the other major ethnic groups in this state.

Educational history

In Benin City, Edo State, the actress completed both her primary and secondary education. She graduated from Yaba College of Technology in Yana, Lagos State, with a National Diploma in Business Administration. Later, she obtained a Bachelor of Mass Communication from the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

After completing her academic education, Kadiri entered Nollywood and steadily advanced her profession. She is currently a producer, playwright, and actress. The Boys Cot movie included Ruth’s debut performance.

Kadiri Her debut project made her famous and led to her landing further lead roles in Nollywood. The most well-known Ruth Kadiri motion pictures include: Black Men Are Emerging with a Heart of a Fighter Someone in Rock lied. Sex and Love: Beyond the Limit Unbreakable Town Faces Trouble Lost Lives Traveling Soul Three Wives Physical Clock Love’s Breath Ishaka Crazy Couple Ownership Change Made Sex There is no love story in this. Hello, Ijeoma A Salute to Heartache Story of Tiwa The meat vendor, Nchekwube The Signal Girls in Limpopo aren’t Smiling Chicks Absolute Honeymoon Guys Promises are Always Good Miss Taken Anxiety Cracked Reed, Jack and Jill Deceptive Heart 1 and 2 by Keepa Heart Play Fair

Movies by Ruth Kadiri

She has written and co-authored a number of fantastic films with a number of other well-known screenwriters. She has credits for a number of films, including: Issues Emerging With a Fighting Heart Men Women Sincerity First Class on the Cutting Edge movies that Ruth Kadiri produced One of the top film producers is Ruth. She has contributed significantly to the making of Nollywood movies like: Matter Growing Dangerously Close Someone Told a Memory Lane Lies Ruth Kadiri’s charitable endeavors.

Ruth Kadiri Photos/ Pictures

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth
Ruth Kadiri Ezerika

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

 Ruth Kadiri Kids Foundation

It is a nonprofit, was established by the actress. The foundation was established to assist the less fortunate kids in achieving their aspirations and objectives in life. She accomplishes this by giving monetary gifts and motivational speeches. The actress supported five students from First Foundation College in Ajegunle, Lagos State, on her own in 2012. She claims that nothing makes her happier than seeing youngsters smile. She consequently strives to make the faces of other kids smile by attending to their needs.

Awards and Nominations

In her many acting performances, the actress has received six nominations and two victories. The honors consist of: The Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Actress of the Year were given out in 2015. (Winner) Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for Best Female Viewer Favorite, 2015 (Nominated) 2015 – Majid Michel won the Golden Icons Academy Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (Nominated) Golden Icons Academy Film Awards for Best Actress, 2015 (Nominated) 2018 City People Movie Award winner for the year’s best actress (Winner) City People Movie Award for Nollywood’s Face, 2018 (Nominated) Ghana Movie Awards 2019 for Best African Film Collaborations (Nominated) African Collaboration for Best Actress at the 2019 Ghana Movie Awards (Nominated)

Is Ruth Kadiri wedded?

Ruth Kadiri is an excellent mother and wife. In 2018, she got married to the love of her life. Since they have never disclosed any information or images from their wedding to the public, it is assumed that the couple had a private conventional wedding. Reign Ezerika, a child of Ruth Kadiri, was born on August 21st, 2019.

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri are they married?

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri are fictional characters; they are not a relationship. They do, however, get along well as coworkers in Nollywood and are close friends. Naomi Baaba Watson is an actress and Eddie Watson’s wife. Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth.

Who is Ruth Kadiri’s husband?

Mr. Ezerika is married to the actress. In December 2017, she posted a picture of her engagement ring to Instagram with the remark, “Merry Christmas, world.” @ 12:15 am 25 December 2017; I consented to the man who makes me completely whole. My father, my buddy, my brother, my preacher, my pervert, and my confidante in gossip. and my soon-to-be hubby. God speed to you and protect you for my sake.

On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary, Ruth posted her husband’s photo on social media for the first time. Being your wife is very serene, she said on the kissing shot she had pinned. I adore being here. Cheers to our anniversary!

What state is the husband of Ruth Kadiri from?

Mr. Ezerika is a businessman from Anambra State. He is from Igbo tribe. It is also assumed that the father of Ruth Kadiri’s child is in his 40s. Ruth Kadiri once dated a man who divided his time between London and Nigeria before she was married to Ezerika. Later, she learned that his wife and two children were in London. Additionally, the actress dated Nigerian producer Stanley Ebonnie for a while.

Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth

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Ruth Kadiri Net Worth

Ruth Kadiri Net Worth has made money from her career. She is worth about $700,000 net worth. Ruth Kadiri’s acting career and brand endorsements have contributed to her estimated $700,000 net worth. She has won various honors and played prominent roles in many Nigerian movies.

Cars and homes owned by Ruth Kadiri

Ruth is the owner of a villa in Lekki, Lagos State, a wealthy neighborhood that attracts a lot of celebrities and aristocrats. She was believed to be dating writer Kemi Olunloyo, who gifted her with a N24 million Range Rover. The actress, though, denied the allegations. Later, she shared a photo of a white BMW that her partner had given her in 2018. Ruth Kadiri Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Children, Career, Net worth.