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How to Write Articles for Publication, Format and Samples

How to Write Articles for Publication, Format and Samples

Are you finding it difficult in writing articles for publication? In this post, we shall be discussing How to Write Articles for Publication, Format and Samples. Essays for you: Expository Essay, Format, How to write and Samples. and Argumentative Essay, How to Write, Format and Samples.

What is article for publication? An article for publication is written work which is intended to be published in the Print media. The print media channels are: Newspaper, magazine, weekly gazette, bulletin, tracts, etc. Students are always required in the school and examinations to write articles for publication in either one of the National dailies (newspapers) or school magazine. Whichever one, there are general rules guiding all forms of article writings.

7 Rules to Follow in Writing Article for Publication

  1. Think of your topic before you start writing. It is important to state here that no one is awarded extra marks because he or she chooses to answer the toughest question in the examination. Writing about topics that are relevant to your interests is always a good start, and makes the article more accurate. We mean to say that when you are given essay options and the topic given for article writing is not familiar, do not write on it. Write about something that inspires you, or that you like to do.
  2. Use elevated diction. Elevated diction means big words or wide vocabularies. Article writing is where the writer can showcase his or her vocabulary prowess, but must not go off point or track. Flaunting a wide vocabulary is acceptable in most articles and topics.
  3. Describe it for your readers. Use descriptive terms and phrases to further illustrate the point you are making. For instance, if you are asked to write an article condemning the activities of the cultists and in the body of your article, you mention horrific acts of the cultist. Horrific acts are not enough. You should describe them in such a way that it will paint the pictures of what you mean in the heads of your readers.
  4. Always remember proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  5. Don’t write an article if you don’t know what you are doing. The first rule is to write on the topics you are familiar with or the ones that interest you. The fifth rule is saying you should not embark on article writing if you do not know what you are doing. Article writing is like putting an ice substance in the mouth of a person and asking the person to describe or write what he feels about the substance or the thirst in his or her mouth. How can you perfectly describe what you know nothing of? You have not been to a place where snow falls. Why would you tell someone how to keep indoors during snow falls?
  6. Keep the introduction short and to the point. If your introductory sentences are long, it will bore your readers. Keep your introduction down to about sentences or less. Inform the readers of what topics the articles cover, and be done with it.
  7. Keep opinions personal. Everyone has his or her own different views. Do not lord your own opinion of the article on others. Make your writing an honest expository, instructional or descriptive article.


How to Write Articles for Publication, Format and Samples

Example 1#:  Write an article suitable for publication in your school magazine on the dangers of dangers of drug abuse.

Dangers of Drug abuse

Drug abuse is a widely discussed topic and has been generally described as indiscriminate administration of drugs with or without a doctor’s prescription. It is an excessive dependency on a substance, which inevitably becomes the compulsive need of the person using it. This need becomes so compulsive that without that substance the person cannot live his life like a normal person does. And, when such a substance is stopped being available in the market then that person is believed to be suffering from substance withdrawal.

The abuse of drugs is an evil at this time and has become a habit. It has become one of the serious social problems in many developing as well as developed countries and it undeniably proves to be the principal obstruction in the all-round development of the people, society, country and the world at a large. Our country is a progressing country and it is already afflicted with so many other grave problems, such as corruptions, unemployment, terrorism, insecurity, political and religious bigotry and poverty; that the problem of drug abuse makes the situation even worse here as it further makes our economy regressive by destroying the lives of its youth.

Even sadder is the fact that several drug addicts cannot afford to make a purchase of expensive drugs so much so that in the end they have to resort to such activities as theft in their homes. These people are not born thieves, but their addiction to drugs makes them heinous and propels them to commit crimes in order to feed their body with drugs.


People can become addicted to drugs because of various reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, the effects of drug abuse are far worse than anything. Many teenagers these days think that the habit of drinking, smoking and even drug addiction is what helps them look cool and create a style statement in the front of others. However, it’s only when these people get trapped in its vicious circle that they realize the irreparable they have caused to their lives.

Drug abuse has its subtle ways of changing and consuming its victim. It begins from changing their thinking faculty. Their reasoning becomes blurring and gives them fake courage which makes them behave rudely. This fake courage is what they call getting high. At the point of getting high, they can do undoing. They are ready to shoot a day old baby or step on their fathers’ head. They are ready to slap their mother and engage in the battle with the authority. It also affects them intellectually. In this case, they lose interest in their academic pursuit and place priority on quick riches. This drive to quick riches is orchestrated by the need to refill the drugs on their tables.

Drugs abuses affect the youth physically. A drug addict is always known by the nervousness and appearance. It changes t he nails, lips, skin and hair texture. A psychiatric counsellor once said I a lighter mood that hard drugs tangle the veins in the head and results are always; tangled hairs, tangled destine and tangled lifestyle.

In conclusion, many teenagers these days think that the habit of drinking, smoking and even drug addiction is what helps them look cool and create a style statement in the front of others. However, it’s only when these people get trapped in its vicious circle that they realize the irreparable they have caused to their lives. Teenagers and every person for that matter must understand that the habit of drug abuse not only greatly affects their body and mind, but also finishes their bright future. So we should strictly say ‘No’ to drugs and save our lives as well the lives of our loved ones by spreading awareness in our surroundings.

Njide mkparu



How to Write Articles for Publication, Format and Samples

Example 2#:  Write an article suitable for publication in a National Newspaper on drug abuse and its effects.

DRUG ABUSE AND ITS EFFECTS – An article for Publication


I have chosen to write on this topic because I have observed that many campaigns are ongoing on Drug Abuse in order to teach the people about its ill effects. Drug abuse is considered one of the banes of our so called civilized society. It has affected all the sections and regions of our society. People with the illicit use of drug are found everywhere, i.e. in urban and rural regions, among men and women, among rich and poor. But it is exceedingly practiced by our young girls and boys living in hostels in nearly all technical and educational institutions.

The grave situation of drug abuse is prevalent across the world and unfortunately our very country Nigeria is more strongly affected by it. Our country is battling with corruptions which have engulfed all the sectors of the country. When it comes to any unlawful activity Nigeria is the hub. Since those who call for equity do not come with clean hands, people practise unlawful activities without batting eyelids. Illegal drug production and consumptions are not excluded.

This addiction to drug is so deadly that people fall prey to its use and become almost a slave. If a person doesn’t get its regular dose, then that person starts feeling a lack of it and becomes depressed with severe pain which even leads to a lack of sensation in arms and legs. Drugs are of various kinds, such as heroin, opium, codeine, cocaine, guuf, ganja, etc.


There are some injections too which lead to a state of severe drowsiness. In case, a drug-addict is not able to receive the required dose of drug when needed, then he/she would be ready to do anything for it even by resorting to unfair means, such as theft or may be hurting someone physically, etc.

I therefore request everyone to strictly say ‘No’ to drugs and get such people admitted to rehabilitation centres where their conditions can be improved before it gets horrible and proves fatal for that person.