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REVEALED!!! Reasons why Men And Dogs Pee On The Car Tyre

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Reasons Why Men and Dogs Pee or Urinate on the Car Tyre/Tire

Have ever wondered why men have the habit of peeing on the tire? I mean, why some of the men, even boys urinate on the car tires. That is what we are about to reveal to you here.  Reasons why Men and Dogs Pee or urinate on the car Tyre/Tire.

-A little dig on “Why men and dogs pee on the tires”


I never knew dogs pee on the tires too until last month when I was given a topic to write on “Why men urinate on the tire” to be shared on a Weblog.

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I didn’t have difficulty developing this topic on “why men urinate on tires” because the habit is not strange to me. Right from my childhood days to date, I have been seeing my countrymen urinating on the tires. This is a habit that has become a custom for many.

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Reasons Why Men and Dogs Pee or Urinate on the Car Tyre/Tire

Apart from looking up in the net to see if someone had written on it, I had it in mind to move around and interview two or three men to know their views on why they choose to pour their urine on the Tires and why on the tires exactly?

When I hit the research button, I discovered actually no one has written on the topic. There are images of men and boys who urinate on tires. There isn’t a specific write-up as to why they choose the tires as the urinating spots.

Instead of getting answers to why men pee on the Tires, I got why dogs pee on the Tires.

I am surprised no one has written on the topic. I was actually looking for how the habit was formed or who initiated it and why.

Even the little children are copying this habit. I have seen male children on the roads, even in the houses, peeing on Tires. They copy this behavior from their fathers or from their male friends.

When the research option failed me, I took to the streets, to the Motor parks, to ask guys — the men and some travelers why they choose to urinate on the Tire. This too wasn’t an easy task. My interviewees were shy.

Others easily dodged the question by asking me if I had seen them practicing the act. I met just a few people who were free to share their opinions like bus and taxi drivers.

Reasons Why Men and Dogs Pee or Urinate on the Car Tyre/Tire


Reasons Why Men and Dogs Pee or Urinate on the Car Tyre/Tire
Why do Men Pee on the Tire/Tyre?

From all the information I gathered as regard why men pee on the tires, I summed it up as follows:

  • It is a way to dodge fines or penalties. They can be penalized when they pee on the ground. So, they feel safe pouring it on the Tires of their cars.
  • Tires are the last option for urinating in the absence of a Convenience.
  • Men urinate on the tires to avoid embarrassment/ harassment.
  • Men too find cover when they pee. So, peeing on Tire is a seek for cover.
  • Some men urinate on the tires because they see others doing it and for the love of it.
  • Finally, some men urinate on tires because it has become a habit turned custom.

What about Dogs?

Why Do Dogs Pee on Tire? (Photo by Terry Jaskiw on Unsplash)

Men peeing on tires may not be popular but dogs peeing on tires is universal. There are different opinions as regards this habit or behavior. It has formed an issue of debate and people have written on it on several occasions.

Reasons Why Men and Dogs Pee or Urinate on the Car Tyre/Tire

There may be different views from the different angles of the debate but the reason why dogs pee on tires still points in one direction.

An article by Wagwalking on “Behavior: why dogs pee on Tires” gave the following reasons:

“Dogs prefer to pee on things that are vertical, like poles, fire hydrants, and tire wheels. When dogs pee on a vertical object, they’re putting their mark at nose level, which is much better than the ground. Leaving their mark this way communicates many things, but also how big the dog is. A vertical object will also hold a scent longer than the ground. A pee puddle in the grass will fade faster than a vertical object, like a tire”.

Apart from the dog’s love to pee on vertical objects, it is also said that dogs have the habit of marking their territory.

Another reason is that dogs like the smell of foreign elements. Tires are attracted to dogs the fact that cars travel a lot and they catch up with unwanted dirty, urine, and feces on the road.

So, the hard smells from these things catch the dog’s attention as soon as it smells the foreign element near the vehicle. The dogs re-urinate on the tires and mark it as their own.

To sum it up, dogs pee on the tires for the following reasons:

  • Dogs love to pee on vertical objects and the tire wheel is part of them.
  • Dogs use their urine as a possessive weapon to scare other dogs from their territory.
  • Dogs use their urine to mark and secure their territory.
  • Dogs are possessive in nature. The urine mark is part of the mark of ownership on whatever it pees on.
In summary, urinating or peeing on tires has become a habit for some men, whether there is a fine to dodge or not. Many of them grew up and saw others doing it and they copied it.
From the findings, dogs and men share this habit in common for different reasons.