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Breaking News: Video of Nigerian Army Shooting in Orlu, Imo State Released

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Video of Nigerian Army Shooting in Orlu Imo State Released

There have been massive shootings and heavy gun battles in Orlu, Imo State by the Nigerian Army and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Video of Nigerian Army Shooting in Orlu Imo State Released.

Video of Nigerian Army Shooting in Orlu Imo State Released

Credit: Twitter

It is barely 3 months since Nigeria witnessed the gruesome murder of some innocent Nigerian youths on Lekki Toll Gate Lagos by an unidentified Nigerian Army. Today, the same thing is about to repeat in Orlu Imo State.

Omoyele Sowore, a popular Nigerian Human Rights Activist and Revolution Movement, has taken to his Twitter minutes ago to expose and condemn the ongoing killings in Orlu. In his words, he says;

“NIGERIA becomes a killing field from Lekki to Oyigbo and it has now moved to Orlu and no one knows where is next! We need #RevolutionNow #Orlu”

It is indeed sad. We condemn to killings of innocent and unarmed civilians. If we don’t speak up now, it may be late tomorrow.

#EndOrlu Killing Now!


Watch the of how Suspected Gunmen Shot man at Ebeano Tunnel Enugu

Suspected Gunmen at Ebeano Tunnel Enugu. Happening Now: Gunmen Shot Man at Ebeano Tunnel Axis Enugu. Watch video of Gunmen who Shot Man who Rides in a Jeep along Ebeano Tunnel Axis.

Suspected Gunmen Shot Man Along Traffic/Ebeano Tunnel Enugu. A disturbing live video is circulating on social media about a man who was attacked by gunmen along Ebeano Tunnel in Enugu just an hour ago. Video shows footage of Suspected Gunmen as they attacked a man traveling with a Jeep.

From the video, it appeared he was in his Jeep before he was attacked. He was seen dragged down from the jeep and shot immediately. His attackers appeared to lay ambush or were pursuing him with a vehicle.

The yet-to-be-identified man was shot at a close range at his back by the suspected gunmen before zooming off with the Jeep. According to an eye-witnessed who was said to be around the scene, the man was immediately rushed to the hospital.


However, he was confirmed dead on arrival. People who were around the crime scene photographed the victim when he fell on the ground. This is the man who was shot dead by the suspected unknown gunmen.



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