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Stop Using Potash (Akanwu or Ngu), Baking Soda to Prepare these Meal, Use this Instead

Best Alternative to Potash for Ugba and Ngwongwo

Stop Using Potash (Akanwu or Ngu) to Prepare these Meal – Use This Instead. Here is the best Alternative to Potash for Ugba and Ngwongwo.


Best Alternative to Potash for Ugba and Ngwongwo
Stop Using Potash (Akanwu or Ngu) to Prepare these Meal – Use This Instead.

Learn to eat healthily. Stop using Potash (Akanwu or Ngu) to prepare these meals. It is killing your body. Instead, use this method I am going to teach you.

Potash is one of the natural resources. It is also known as kaun, akanwu or kanwa. It is a type of lake salt (sodium carbonate) that is dry and hydrated in nature (

The use of Potash in preparing local meals like sauced meat, Ugba, abacha, etc has become popular especially among the food joint vendors and individuals. But it has been proven medically that the addition of this substance to our food is not healthy for the body.

Using akanwu to prepare our meals has been proven to pose dangers to our body systems. It kills the body system gradually.

Best Alternative to Potash for Ugba and Ngwongwo

It is said that sauce made of Potash or Akanwu clogs on the stomach lining and causes indigestion. That is the reason why some people complain of stomach upset after consuming these meals prepared with potash.

Some people have found a replacement when they discovered it is the truth. They use local potash known as Ngu or baking soda. But I must tell you, these, too are siblings with the same DNA. In fact, Baking soda does worst in the body when ingested in a large quantity.

There is a better alternative to all these which has no side effects. There is a new way to prepare your sauce (ncha) for abacha, nkwobi, ugba, snails, kpomo, etc. You do not have to use potash, ngu, or baking soda to make your ncha (sauce) for preparing these delicious meals.

The general local dialect for making local sauce for these meals in the image is known as ‘igba ncha‘. It means, making local sauce for the turning and garnishing of the meals. Forget, potash, forget ngu, forget baking soda, follow this new method to make your local sauce (ncha) for your ngwongwo and abacha.

Step 1: Kpomo thick water

The thick sauce from boiled Kpomo or processed Kanda is gradually replacing the use of akanwu in making the local sauce. Just wash your Kpomo with clean water and cut into desired sizes. Put it into a clean pot and add a little water. Allow it to boil until it wants to dry.

Best Alternative to Potash for Ugba and Ngwongwo
Mmiri Canda for Ngwongwo sauce

At the drying point, bring down the pot. You will notice thick water at the bottom of the pot. That is what you need. I mean the thick Kpomo-water.


Step 2: Prepare your local sauce with the Kpomo thick water

This method or stage is not different from the akanwu method you are used to. The only difference is that, in the place of potash (akanwu), you are going to use the thick kpomo water.

Get all your ingredients for the ncha ready, either in the mortar or in a pot. Pour the thick Kpomo water and begin to turn. The result you will get will be the same as when you are using potash.

With the thick Kpomo water, your ncha or local sauce looks no different from the one you used to prepare. It is the same taste and the same appearance. The major difference is that it is healthier. It can be served to anybody.

Have a great meal!

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