Pastor Strips Naked, Confesses of Sleeping with his 3 daughters and Killing Own 8 Children

A Pastor of Upper Chamber Church in Igbe Etchei, Rivers State was stripped naked today by the angry youths and the Vigilante group in the Community as he confesses of sleeping with his own 3 daughters and also killing his own 8 eight children for witchcraft purposes.

>> Pastor Strips Naked, Confesses of Sleeping with His 3 Daughters and Killing Own 8 Children


The Pastor who stood with his wife who is also an accomplice in the crime admitted he did all of these before the youths and the local security guards who interrogated them. He said his problems started when he disobeyed his own mother and married his present wife. He said he was introduced to the witchcraft practice by his wife.


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When the people asked his wife what she did when she caught her husband sleeping with their 3 daughters; she boldly replied that she covered him because she loves him. When asked if she is not an evil man, she frailed and said she is just playing the role of a good wife who loves her husband.

The Pastor was led to his church to have it demolished so that the contact power he has from it will be destroyed The world is full of evil.


It is disheartening these days of the evils men do in the name of power and in the name of religion.


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