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This Video Will Give You Goose-bumps. A Trailer Ran Over A Baby Without Crushing Him

This post is about a little baby captured in the video as he was run down by a moving trailer. He wasn’t only run down, he was ran over too but the miracle of the century occurred.

This is nothing but a pure miracle. This video is seen once in a lifetime.

We are not bothered again to know what the little baby was doing on a highway all alone. We are not interested to know again the whereabouts of the mother or the father when all these were happening.

All I want to say here is that God is faithful. He shows mercy on whom He wants to show mercy.

Video of a baby ran over by a trailer

I want you to watch this video and understand the mightiness of God and His working power, the kind of protection He gives to mankind. It will surely give you goosebumps.

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