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Bookmakers – How Do You Know When to Cash Out?

Bookmakers – How Do You Know When to Cash Out? Beginner bettors who approach this activity responsibly constantly seek information about wagering. This is the right approach, which will allow you to develop the correct strategy in the future. You can find information about bookmakers on specialized sites, such as Once you have mastered the basic concepts, you can move on to more complex topics. Today, we will discuss the cash-out function and different aspects of its use.

What Is Cash Out?

You’ve probably seen this feature on betting sites. It lets you close your bet before the event ends and receive money based on the current odds. Amateur players love this option because it eliminates the possibility of losing the bet entirely. They think that it’s something like an insurance. However, cashing out a wager is usually not the best option. Read also: The 10 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria for 2023

How to Calculate Cash Out – Bookmakers

Calculating the amount you will receive from closing a bet is quite simple. Let’s look at a simple example. If a bettor places a $10 bet on Barcelona to win a match with odds of 4.0 and Barcelona wins at halftime, the new odds for Barcelona to win the game could be 2.0. 

Even though the bookmaker’s margin has already been added to the odds, we can calculate the “real” cash-out amount. To do this, the amount of potential winnings must be divided by the current odds. The “real” amount you get = the potential winnings / the current odds. In the case of Barcelona, the “real” amount of cash out will be $40/2.0=$20.

Of course, usually, the “real” amount is not the same as the cash-out sum offered by the bookmaker. The bookmaker adds its margin not only to the current odds but also to the proposed amount.

For example, in the Barcelona case described above, the “real” cash out (considering the bookmaker’s initial margin) after the first half is $20. In this case, the bookmaker, in all likelihood, will take away some part of this amount. The cash-out sum could be $19 or even less. In the long term, this will hurt betting profitability. Check the example of the cash-out feature to see how this option works. 

Pros and Cons of Cash Out Feature

Pros Cons
  • It’s an opportunity to save at least part of the money when the bet doesn’t work.
  • Allows to place risky bets.
  • The option is convenient, and the system makes all the calculations automatically.
  • Double margin: you have to pay the second commission for cash-out.
  • It’s not beneficial for accumulators.
  • Using this option requires careful planning.

How to Profitably Use Cash Out

Despite its shortcomings, the cash-out feature is not always useless. Let’s see in what situations it can benefit players.

Bookmaker Offers Favorable Conditions

Very rarely, but still, the amount of the bet redemption may exceed the odds other bookmakers offer. It means that the proposed cash-out amount exceeds the “real” one, due to which this function will be the best option. The amount received can be used to place a bet with another bookmaker for increased profits.

Bookmakers – How Do You Know When to Cash Out?

Non-Standard Situations

To profit from long-distance betting, you must work hard for a long time. In particular, the player must learn to take advantage of the odds on offer and place enough bets to take full advantage of the benefits (and this can take much longer than most people think). In some situations, rational thinking is not so critical. In particular, this applies to players who bet quite a lot of money.

For example, if a player placed a bet of $100 with odds of 5000.0 and then the odds dropped to 2.0, the “real” cash-out for the bet is $250 thousand. However, the cash-out offered by the bookmaker may be only 200 thousand. In the long run, the player can gain more by waiting for the event to complete.

On the other hand, such bets reach this level once in 2500, according to probability theory. The player may never reencounter this situation, much less encounter it as often as required to even out the balance of chance.

Keep in mind the following nuances:


  • The cash-out is a last resort function. The amount you receive is always more modest than the potential winnings.
  • This feature is not available for all bets. You can see the presence of this option in the bet slip.
  • Experienced bettors often include cash out in their strategies. When used rationally, this function becomes a convenient tool.


The cashout option gives you additional flexibility. Before its appearance, the bet had to be manually insured: players counted the required amount and bet on outcomes opposite to the initial bet. This feature has pros and cons; you should not expect to receive the total amount. Therefore, use this function with caution, and then you can minimize losses and conduct successful betting. Bookmakers – How Do You Know When to Cash Out?