See 16 Worst Shoe Designs Ever. Nos 5 and 6 will make You Scream -

See 16 Worst Shoe Designs Ever. Nos 5 and 6 will make You Scream

Most Bizarre Shoe Designs ever worn by Humans.

In this post, I am going to show you the worst shoes ever worn by humans. These shoes are either worn for artistic display or for fashion.

The shoe designs are termed bizarre due to their odd forms and styles. You can never imagine that these type of shoes exist.

It will also shock you to hear that those shoes are npt gotten foe cents. I mean, I cost the ownes fortunes to acquire. I have read somewhere where someone said he bought one of the shoes $2,550.

This is fortune. When you conver this amount to Naira, you will have roughly #1.3 million.

They are sixteen in number but the numbers 5 and 6 will make you scream.

Shoe No 1.

I don’t really know the actual name to call this style of shoe. The heels are split and made to lock horns with one another.

Shoe No 2.

This is a Giraffe cover shoe made for ladies. Many people are comfortable wearing it; either for animal museum exhibition or for fun.

Shoe No 3.

How about having the first date with someone and he appears in this kind of Shoe? It is called aligator Shoe. It is meant for men.


Shoe No 4.

Looking at this foot wear, you will think they are fishes. It is not. It is one of the bizzare shoes worn.


Shoe No 5.

This is one of the scariest of them all. It is scary. It looks like a ghost shoe. One of those we see in a horror movies.
Yet, people chose to rock them as a fashion.

Shoe No 6.

We call this very styles of Shoe “Sopido” during our childhood days. Why the producer decides to extend the mouth of these shoes is what I cannot explain.

I don’t know the intention of people who wear it. But for me, it makes anyone who wears them appears like a clown.

Shoe No7.

This is crocodile head’s shoe design. It is actually amog the most bizarre shoe designs ever worn.

Shoe No. 8

Rat Shoe! Jeez!

People actually feel comfrotaby, wearing this design and working around. For me, I don’t see any attraction in it.

Shoe  No. 9

This is an octupus shoe. No way! I can’t wear this. I can’t imagine how this person wearing it can manage to work around with it.

Shoe No. 10

What came to your mind when you see someone wearing Burger Shoe? It is fun rocking this kind of shoe.

If you want all eye to beon your feet while on th road, go for it. You will be sure to have hundreds of children pointing to their pareenst to your feet. Lol.

Shoe No.11

This is banana peel pun shoes for ladies. Everything abput the shoe is banana peel.

Take a look at the heel. It also has the look of banana peel.

This is the funniest of them all. Al lather to climb into the shoes. Lol.

Shoes No. 13

Please, what do we name this kind of shoes? Burex high-heeled shoes?

Shoe No. 14


Shoe No. 15

Birds’ feet heel cover shoe.


Shoe No.16

The Summary of the most Bizarre Shoe Designs in the world

We have shown you the pictures of the 16 most bizarre or worst shoes worn by humans. The numbers 5 and 6 seem to be the worst of them all.

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