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2020/2021 Men Latest Senator Material Styles (Volume 2)

Hey, welcome to our Ankara and Lace fashion gallery. Today, it is not about Ankara or lace. It is about 2021 men Latest Senator Material Styles.

In our previous posts, we have published 50 men Senator Styles. Here, we are bringing you volume 2 of the same trending styles. It is a kind of a continuation of where we stopped the last time.

Men Senator designs are the most popular wear for whenever special occasions are concerned. I told my readers in our volume one post that Senator wear gives our men that feeling of richness aura.

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Senator Material Styles for Men

Posing with classy wears

black native wear

You see whara I mean? When they rock Senator, even with no money in their Pockets, they smell rich. Senator material designs give great fitting to all men.


Senator Material Designs are ideal styles for attending special Occasions. If you have a wedding to attend, think Senator. As a special guest to an occasion, Senator material will give you that manly respect you deserve.

There are many styles to be sewed with Senator materials. But in choosing these styles, the designer must consider the type of senator material and the shape or the figure of the man.

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2020/2021 Men Latest Senator Material Styles

white long-sleeve native wear

long sleeve senator style

red classy native wear

Why not check out these designs for Men? Dazzling Senator material Designs made for the Men.

Latest Senator Material Designs for Men


I was talking about the factors to be considered before choosing a style for men senator. And the first thing I mentioned was the type of material.

Some Senator materials are hard while some are soft and flowing. A good fashion designer should be able to know which material is good for which styles.

Another thing to consider in choosing styles is buying quality material if you are going for Senator Combo. That is a combination of two different materials of different colors, especially color.

Combo Senator Designs

odunlade adekola native outfit


Two color native wear

The Examples you have seen above are the examples of Men Senator material Combo styles. On our of my husband’s birthday, I gifted him a Senator design, combo styles just like the first style.

I chose the design and paid the tailor for both the material and the sewing. He really did a wonderful job but the cheap material he went for blew the whole thing for all of us.

In the middle of my husband’s birthday party, I noticed some red stains on the bright white color material we combined with Senator red material. It was my husband’s sweat.

I tried to dab the red spot out but worsened the whole thing. That was when I noticed the red material was inferior. It washed. Mt husband never wore the cloth after his birthday.



Femi Adebayo fitted native wear

Another thing to consider the figure of a man. A man with protruding belly shouldn’t go for a fitted or straight senator design. It will make look like an overfed frog.

Classic native attire

Rudeboy blue fitted senator attire

Short native wear latest

I love this very style. It is bae…

Posing with classy wears
latest native attire
Sexy Black native wear

 fitted senator attire
Actor latest native attire

Actor latest native attire
latest Native wear

The Sum

One thing about 2020/2021 Men Latest Senator Material Styles is that it is cloth or designs for everyone. Politicians and celebrities rock it. Pastors too wear Senator designs.

All you need are to make a good choice of materials, make a good choice of tailor and make a good choice of styles. Then, you have people falling for your look.

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