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Osasuna vs Real Madrid – Match highlights

Osasuna vs Real Madrid – Match highlights 

The match between Osasuna and Real-madrid was quite an interesting one. Regarding the performance and  38 previous matches between the two teams, which Osasuna had just 5 wins leaving Real madrid with 25 wins and a total of 8 draws, we can say for sure that Real Madrid had a high chances of winning the game. Also, considering the position they both occupy on the La liga table, Real Madrid is far ahead and would not want to joke with any match whatsoever. Osasuna vs Real Madrid – Match highlights. 420 or 4/20 World Day Celebration – What’s all about?


Real Madrid starting line up:

Courtois. Lucas Vázquez, Militão, Alaba, Nacho. Valverde, Camavinga, Ceballos. Rodrygo, Asensio, Benzema.



Osasuna starting line up:

Herrera, Vidal, David García, Aridane, Cote, Brasanac, Moncayola, Javi Martínez, Rubén García, Ávila, Budimir.

Coach: Jagoba Arrasate

Osasuna vs Real Madrid – Match highlights

In the early minutes of the match, Real Madrid really had an impressive performance. Though Camavinga got a yellow card at the opening of the match but it never affected their performance but yet gave them an edge over Osasuna.


At the 12 minutes, Alaba converted the chance he had into an opening goal for Real Madrid after the keeper had a first save. Osasuna had to also level up the score line so as to balance up the game in just a minute after they conceded a goal. Now having the score line drawn, the match was very tactical and neutral requiring Real Madrid to put  more effort to win.  In the 45th minute Asensio scored the leading and half time leading goal for Real Madrid before the half time  break whistle was blown. Osasuna had an outrageous performance in the first half of the match but couldn’t convert the few chances they had.

In the opening of the second half of the match, Real Madrid had a great chances ahead due to the leading goal they had in the first half. They needed another goal to secure their win. The possession was quite in favor of Real Madrid. Despite the performance so far, Osasuna didn’t give up. They still added more energy and strength so they could level up the score line and leave the match in a draw. Yellow card was awarded to both teams as a result of foul play.

However, substitution was also made by both coaches giving the match a new and different performance but still leaving Real Madrid ahead of Osasuna.


Few changes that was made in the second half of the match:


  •  Manu Sanchez replace Ruben Garcia
  • Oier replace Javi Martinez
  •  Kike Barja replace Cote
  • Torres replace Brasanac
  • Barbero replace Avila


Real Madrid:

  • Carvajal replace Alaba
  •  Kroos replace Ceballos due to injury
  • Camavinga replace Isco
  • Vini Jr. replace Rodrygo

In the 48/49th minutes of the second half a penalty was awarded to Madrid  and Benzema is to take the penalty shoot out. Unfortunately Herrera had a good guess and save the ball leaving the score line at  1:2 still in favor of Madrid.

From the performance so far we can see that Osasuna are really putting in all what it take to end the match in a draw. The pressure on both side are becoming very tensed leaving the fans amazed. Both coaches are also finding it difficult to sit so as to get a good view of what is being played on the pitch. The match score line still remain 1:2 in favor of Madrid.

However, in the 95th minute, a pass was launched from Vini to Vazquez, fortunately for him he converted it into a Goal for Real Madrid making the score line 1:3 in favor of Madrid and the game ended in the 96th minute. The second half was very tactical and well analyzed by the Madrid coach(Ancelotti). His analysis also gave the team an edge over their counterpart.

From the number of yellow card awarded we could conclude that the match was fairly a rough one.

Osasuna vs Real Madrid – Match highlights

Number of yellow card:

Osasuna 1

Real Madrid 3

Real Madrid’s performance would also give the team a confidence to secure and retain their position at the top of the La liga table.

Osasuna would just have to put more effort in their performance if they really want to achieve big at the end of the league.

~ By Bassey