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2020/2021 Latest Ankara Combination Styles for Special Occasions

Ankara Combination Styles with Different materials

Welcome back to our Ankara and Lace gallery. We have little delays updating you with the latest styles in town because we are scouting for the best.

So, today, we want to take you around to see the latest 2020/2021 Ankara combination styles for special occasions. That is, all the different styles you can make using Ankara and other Materials. It is all about Anakara combo, Ankara Combinations.

Sometimes, it looks boring when you have your Ankara fabric sewed alone without a little mixture of another material. having your designs combined with other materials are known as Combo styles or combination styles.

This is actually what we are here to show you. In this post, you are going to see Ankara styles combined with lace material, chiffon materials, jeans, elastic plain fabric and etc.

2020/2021 Latest Ankara Combination styles for special Occasions

For the sake of readability, we shall divide the styles according to the materials used for the combinations. You will see Ankara and Lace, Ankara and Jean, Ankara and Chiffon.

Also, we are going to list the styles according to the occasions they fit fro like Ankara Combo for Party, Ankara combinations for family, Ankara Combo for Office, Ankara Combo Trouser Styles.

So, let’s start with Ankara and Jeans Combinations styles. Are you wondering the type of material to combine with your Ankara? Why not try Jeans material.

2020/2021 latest Ankara combination styles look good on people who understand fashion. And there are so many styles to make with it. It is also styled for all occasions. Here are the special styles for your Jean and Ankara materials styles.

Ankara and Jeans Combination Styles for Special Occasions

Beautiful combo of Ankara with jean

Ankara and Jean Skirt and Blouse Style

Beautiful combo of Ankara with jean

Beautiful combo of Ankara with jean

Beautiful combo of Ankara with jean

Beautiful combo of Ankara with jean

Beautiful combo of Ankara with jean

Beautiful combo of Ankara with jean

Ankara combo with demin

Ankara with Denin jean Combinations

Ankara combo with demin

Ankara Combination Styles

Ankara and Lace Combination Styles

In case you will like to see more styles on Ankara and Lace Combo. Read it here.

Ankara, Plain and Elastic materials Combination Styles for Special Occasions.


Meanwhile, it doesn’t have to be all Ankara. You can get amazing styles by just adding Ankara fabrics at the tips of other materials or the other way round.

See Ankara Combination Jumpsuit Styles

Jumpsuit designs are trending among the fashionistas. There are so many styles for Jumpsuit. However, classy ladies are spicing it with combinations of materials.

If you want to see our previous Jumpsuit style selections on Ankara, read it here.

Latest Ankara Jumpsuits collection

How do you see this design? It is simply amazing.

Ankara Combination Styles

Look simple but stunning with these Ankara Combo tops. You can give your already made top with a touch of Ankara fabric like these ones here.

Ankara Combination Styles

What about this? Personally, I will not feel comfortable wearing this. However, the wearer rocks.


Latest Ankara Combinations for Long Gown Styles

Ankara Combination Styles

See other Ankara Combination Styles for you this special season

Ankara Combination Styles

Ankara Combination Styles

Ankara Combination Styles

Ankara Combination Styles




Ankara Combination styles for Jackets and Blouses for Office Work

You mustn’t go to the markets all the time, shopping for your office wears. Ankara Combo can give you nice office wears like jackets, blouses, and gowns.

All you need is to get a skilled fashion designer and you are good to go. These styles here will make you catch your breath.




It is not only about wearing them to the office, but these styles are also great for churches and weddings.

Other Styles in Ankara Combinations: plain and multicolors combo



Ankara Combination with black plain materials.

Ankara combo with denin

Ankara combo with denin




Ankara Combination Styles with Plain White

Ankara Combinations styles for Couple and Family


Beautiful combo with Ankara

See more Beautiful Ankara Combinations Styles for Parties and Weddings

Beautiful combo with Ankara


The secret of the beautiful Ankara Combo is going for the right color of the materials. It should not end there. You should also consider your skin color for any choice of material you are making.

We took time here to arrange different Ankara combination styles with pronounced colours. When you look at them, you will appreciate the color combinations of the combo materials and also the skin of the person wearing them.

Don’t just be in a haste to make choice and leave. Look closely on their feet. The choice of type of shoes to rock your Ankara combinations matters alot.




Ankara Combo that Rock








The Summary on Ankara Combination Styles for Special Occasions.

When we say styles for special occasions, we mean it and that is what we have shown you here. The choice is now yours.

Whatever special occasion you are planning to attend, look through this endless list. Is it the plain fabric or the super stretching and comfortable materials combo?

All these Ankara with other materials embellishment are everything nice. You can wear it to church, work on Friday, weddings, red carpet events, etc.

This is not a kinda outfit to miss. Also, share with your friends.

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