Prepare Egusi Soup (Melon Seed) With These Leaves to Get Amazing Taste

-The Nigerian Egusi soup, prepared with melon seeds, is popular in many tribes in Nigeria. It is known as Miyan Gushi in Hausa, Efo in Yoruba, and Ofe Egusi in the Igbo language. If You Not Been Eating Egusi Soup For One Reason Or The Other, Prepare it With These Leaves to Get Amazing Taste.


In our previous article, we discuss dwelt on Stew making. I talked about a particular leave you need in your stew to make it delicious and attention-drawing.
Here, I want to give you another secret in cooking Egusi soup. I will teach you another unique way to prepare Egusi using some leaves which will give your soup a yummy taste.

Egusi soup is a delicious meal. Some people have it as their favorite meal. The aroma of the soup will always tempt you to give it a trial but it always pushes back with an unpalatable side effect in the stomach for some people.

As a young girl, Egusi soup was never served in the family. Our Mother stopped making it because it aggravates Daddy’s stomach ulcer.

When she attempted to have separate pots and prepared the soup for her kids (us), it didn’t work out. My siblings complained about stomach pains each time she fed us with the soup.

That was how the soup was crossed out of our family menu.

As a young mother, it is my desire that none of my kids should be picky when it comes to feeding. I really want them to eat every food, no matter how it is prepared.

I learned this when I was a border in secondary. I was always visiting the sickbay because of a food allergy. The school didn’t even help. They flogged us on top when you say no to the food.

I cook everything in my house, including Egusi soup. I have discovered a leaf that neutralizes the ‘whatever property’ in Egusi that gives those who eat it stomach pains.


The name of the leaf is Waterleaf.

Waterleaf is a popular vegetable in the Nigerian markets. It is known as Mgbolodi in Igbo dialect, the Yoruba people call it Gbure, in Edo, it is called Ebe-dondon. This leaf is popular but the cheapest vegetable in the market. People are yet to discover the medicinal property.

There are more about nutrition facts and health benefits of Waterleaf. This is for another discussion.

I asked some of my friends why they are not using Waterleaf in their kitchens. One of them said the vegetable is useless in the kitchen. She said it can only serve one menu which is vegetable soup.

This claim is not true. Waterleaf is very important in our kitchens and it can serve different purposes.

See the List of Menu you can Prepare with Waterleaf


  • Waterleaf can be added to your stew.


  • Waterleaf can be added to banger soup.


  • Waterleaf can be added to yam vegetable porridge.


Recently, I have learned to prepare Egusi soup with waterleaf and the result has been amazing.

Apart from giving the soup a wonderful taste, it thickens the soup. It is a vegetable soup in disguise. You can prepare it with Egusi as a vegetable soup and picky kids won’t reject the soup because they won’t notice the very much vegetable in the soup.

If Egusi soup upsets your stomach when you eat it, let it be prepared again with Waterleaf. Give it a second trial.

I told my Mom about it, she gave it a trial and thanked me.


Scenty Leaf

The first time I published this post, I got so much feedback from my readers. One particular feedback made me update the post and add additional information.

One of my readers added in the comment section that cooking Egusi soup with waterleaf in addition to Scenty leaf (Nchuanwu) gives an amazing result. I gave it a trial and it was superb.

So, I want to state here that waterleaf gives Egusi soup a wonderful taste but Scenty leaf plus waterleaf when used in preparing it is more tantalizing. There are no other ways to find out other than trying it. A trial will convince you.

Thanks for reading, please, share.


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