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Chris Tucker Biography, Real Name, Family, Career, age and Net Worth

Chris Tucker Biography, Real Name, Family, Career, Age, and Net Worth

Chris Tucker is among the higher search on Google this week after turning down $12million to reprise his role in the film’s sequel. In one of the articles, Ice Cube on Wednesday revealed that Friday co-star Chris Tucker turned down $12million to reprise his role in the film’s sequel  In this post, we want to look into his Biography and other important profile. Chris Tucker Biography, Real Name, Family, Career, Age, and Net Worth.

Chris Tucker’s News

Chris Tucker has turned down a whooping sum of $12 million which was supposed to be his pay for his role in the film’s sequel. This act has raised so much dust. However, Ice Cube has cleared the air via tweet why he made such a decision at this time.

Responding to a tweet asking whether Tucjer “quit over money” reasons, Ice Cube tweeted, “We were ready to pay Chris Tucker $10-12m to do Next Friday, but he turned us down for religious reasons. He didn’t want to cuss or smoke weed on camera anymore.”

The 1995 comedy film starring the two actors Friday was a huge hit, spawning two sequels 2000’s Next Friday and 2002’s Friday After Next. However, Tucker had no plans to return to play Smokey due to what Ice Cube, who doubles as the film’s producer, said were “religious reasons.”

Ice Cube also addressed criticism over Faizon Love’s salary in the 1995 movie Friday.

On Dec. 22, Comedy Hype released a snippet interview with Love, who played the character of Big Worm in Friday. In the clip, Love revealed that he was paid $2,500 (£1,854) for the hit film, which caused an uproar with listeners taking to Twitter to accuse Ice Cube of “short-changing” his co-star.

Responding to a tweet accusing him of “robbing his own people,” the 53-year-old rapper said: “I didn’t rob no f***ing body.”

He explained that all the actors were paid based on the number of days they worked.

“Shot it in 20 days. Fazion worked 1 day, maybe 2. All the actors got paid scale to do the movie.”

“They could’ve simple said ‘No,’ but they didn’t. So miss me with that shit.”

Following the backlash against Ice Cube, Love went on to post a picture of himself with Ice Cube and American record producer Mark Jordan or DJ Pooh (who is credited as a writer for Friday).

Noting that he had no issues with the film’s producers over his pay, Love captioned the Instagram post: “Let me say what I got paid is a moot point, it was the price of admission to a game. I have zero regrets.”

“I want to take this time to thank Cube, Dj Pooh and Felix Gary Grey for letting me be a part of such an iconic picture.”

Chris Tucker Biography, Real Name, Family, Career, Age, and Net Worth

Who is Chris Tucker? Christopher “Chris” Tucker (born August 31, 1972) is an American actor and comedian, best known for his roles as Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour trilogy and Smokey in the 1995 film Friday. Tucker was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the youngest son of Mary Louise and Norris Tucker.

Tucker was raised in Decatur, Georgia. After graduating from Columbia High School, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy and movies. In 1992, Tucker was a frequent performer on Def Comedy Jam. He made his cinematic debut in House Party 3, and gained greater film recognition alongside rapper Ice Cube in the 1995 film Friday. In 1997, he co-starred with Charlie Sheen in Money Talks, and alongside Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element. Tucker did not reprise his role of Smokey in Next Friday (2000) because he had become a born-again Christian after filming Money Talks (1997).

He later starred in the 1998 martial arts action comedy Rush Hour and its sequels, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3, in which he played James Carter, an abrasive wise-cracking detective. Tucker is good friends with fellow Rush Hour star Jackie Chan, and was also close friends with the late singer Michael Jackson, introducing and dancing with him at his 30th Anniversary Special, appearing in Jackson’s video “You Rock My World” from his 2001 album Invincible and attending Jackson’s memorial service.

A friend of Bill Clinton, Tucker has traveled with the former President overseas, though he endorsed Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries. On February 13, 2009, Tucker participated in the NBA All-Star Weekend’s Celebrity Game.

Chris Tucker Real name

Have wondered about the real Christ Tucker? His real name is Christopher “Chris” Tucker.


Christopher “Chris” Tucker was born on August 31, 1972, The American Actor is currently 49 years. He will be 50 in August 2022.

Chris Tucker Net worth

Chris Tucker has a negative Net worth because of his long time struggling to settle his California IRS tax debt.  After a series of financial mistakes, in 2011 Tucker found himself drowning in IRS debt. IRS and California tax filings would later reveal that Chris owed the IRS $11 million in taxes for the years 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005. By 2014 the debt had risen to $14 million. Tucker’s tax debt was finally settled in 2014.

So, how much is Chris Tucker’s net worth? Chris Tucker’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $5 million. He would have been $12million dollar richer if he hadn’t turned down his film’s role pay.

Chris Tucker Biography, Real Name, Family, Career, Age, and Net Worth