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Combine Pineapple and Scent Leaf for Treatment of Typhoid

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 How to Combine Pineapple and Scent Leaf for Treatment of Typhoid

In this post, we shall talk about how to combine Pineapple and Scent leaf for the treatment of Typhoid. Treatment of Typhoid With Pineapple and Scent Leaf.

Everything has been given to mankind for healthy living. All these are found in fruits and vegetables. Day by day, discoveries are made regarding the amazing medicinal properties of these natural trees and vegetables.

One of them is the recent trending healthy methods of getting rid of typhoid infection without side effects and of lesser cost. It is using pineapple and scent leaves. Scent leaf is known as ‘nchaanwu’ in Igbo native dialect.

Many who have used this amazing combination testified they urinated frequently the moment they began taking it. It flushed their system. It can also be given to children. It was also testified that the moment one begins to take it, one begins to feel the impact.

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Treatment of Typhoid With Pineapple and Scent Leaf

Steps in Preparing the Pineapple and Scent leaf juice

Get one or two heads of pineapple or two depending on the size and consumption. Some prefer not to ripe pineapple. Unripe ones they say are more medicinal.

Wash the pineapple and cut them into pieces without peeling its back. Put it in a clean pot.

Get a handful of fresh scent leaves. Chop it into three and put it in the pot.

Fresh Scent Leaf

Pour clean water to get to the level of the chopped pineapple and scent leaf. Cover it and put it on the fire. At the boiling point, put off the fire or bring the pot down.

Do not allow it to boil but at the boiling point.

Allow it for some hours to cool.

Squeeze the pineapple and scent leaf. Throw away the chaff. Use a sieve to filter the juice. Pour it into clean containers. Store in the refrigerator ( not the freezer). Take a glass morning, afternoon, and night.

Summary of How to combine Pineapple and Scent Leaves to Treat Typhoid

Everything that is written in this article is not just a mere write-up. I have tried the combinations and they worked fine.

The advantage of this drink is that it can serve as juice and also as medicine. Once you start taking it, you will ben having a constant urge to pee.

In my own case, I realized the more I pee, the more I feel better. So, it is not out of place to say that the infection is passed out through urine.

Just give it a trial. It is a healthy drink, and at the same time medicinal. Learn how to use Cabbage Juice to say Goodbye to your Stomach Ulcers

NOTE: This should not replace your routine drugs. If you are on any drug, continue with it. The juice is natural.

You don’t need to avoid or skip your normal routine drugs. Feel free to talk to your doctor about it if you must.

Also, have it in your mind that there are other illnesses that share similar symptoms with typhoid infection. Pay a visit to your doctor if symptoms persist after one week.